If there is anything to like about this guy,
Is how a username can be just as awesome to what his works are equal . . .
Don’t believe,
Then you haven’t seen what this guy can do.

But for one thing you should know,
That he’s not any who . . .
Or a when,
Or a what,
He cares only as why . . .

Not in what he does,
But why he does it,
For what reasons is only for,
One thing is that what fun for the eyes is,
It is not for just kids or adults,
Teens or the young awkward between kid and teen,
There is no movie should be for one crowd.

He is Whyboy and does everything in his power to prove,
That what’s on the screen of large or small!

He does not to troll,
But to just to fine tune the shows of eye candy,
Can be more than just that,
And be something passed it all,
To become something worth it!

That is just how great Whyboy is,
I just hope he knows it.

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