Issued 172


I’m sorry—what?” she said this while blinking her eyes and shanking her head.


“The man in red is the very reason you Grandmother is still alive.” Rick said and I a serious tone. “ I know it’s sound crazy. Hell it’s crazy for me to even mentioning it but you have to belive me when I tell you that the man in red is real and had bless us In way we had never thought possible .


“Well I don’t ,” Parkland sap angry, “I how dear you  tell me that a so –call ghost is the one who save my grandmother lift. How dear you!”


Parkland folded her arms and turn her back on Rick. Yet did not mad an attempt to leave because after what she had went thought herself she was not completely close mined on the possibly of a ghost saving her grandmother.


“It true said more calmly while sitting back in her chair.” I had wintess it. correct that, I was a part of it. The man in red had made his present to me in turn I lead me to your Grandmother.”


For a while no one said nothing that is untile Parkland had said someone in a rather low whispered but load enough for Rick to hear her.


“You was the one who had found her. Am I right?”


“Yes with  a little help ,”


Parkland face Rick looking neither angry nor happy at the news the man in red is the reason why she still has a grandmother.


“Please sit down,” said Rick, I have a lot to tell you about  that faithful night.”


Parkland may have been emoitonly drain yet it dose not mean her gard was completely down and she had a rule of not turshing anyone she simply don’t know And once Rick notice Parkland choose to lend on the baniter while giving him a hard stair and a menacing grind Rick understood  were she stand whenit come to trust.

“Very well,” Rick said with a smile.


“you said the man in red had save my grandmother’s life.


“Yes Rick explain.”


“Okay parkland said while still grinning, “Explain.”


By Jockerlee 77


Co. Writer T-Kun U.S.III

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