There are 21 ways to express oneself, being creative just relies on you, but having to tell you . . . would not be a smart one either’s behalf.

Around the way, 21 styles of life go through us, some are simple and others are over the planets and back.

Odd number 21 is, but at least it’s a bit better than most numbers, if you think pass of what it is.

To what is seen as a number, is also an age and time, to some degrees a plot and temp.

21, starting as it is, it’s a number at best, where in age nothing is limit but the ways of trouble have double overtime.

Rethinking everything, it’s an odd topic to talk about, but with words played right, it makes sense to speak about it.

To that of a 21 year life time, learning and growing are things that happen, but never relies until the hourglass runs out.

Taking it in stages, of growing and learning, where you think it happens, does it or follow later?

First comes to breathe . . .

Second to see everything before you, as an unknown life form . . .

Third is smell . . .

Fourth is feeling the different textures that make whatever is before you . . .

Fifth comes forth the taste . . .

After the basics, we’re on our own.

The walking, the talking, the reflexes, all comes slowly at times or quickly as upbeat jazz.

Where soon wants and needs blend as time goes, what is important and is a pleasure to have, you know when comes around.

Learning the rights and wrongs are that of a mind play, pick or choose; someone is going to win and lose.

Coming along at those tenders’ ages that of tricks and treats play us as fools, or those as rulers.

Religions play only roles if you wish them so, but otherwise, they are a wall to block one another, what makes same and different, relies on action and words, than that of another tone.

Be that as heartless greed to that of boundless charity that is only pocket money when not really thinking of it.

Come in that dense adorn of pride to thoughtfully less humility to think of ourselves.

Blinded to animal likeness of lust to certain devotion chastity of we extravagance one another.

By of a bottomless void of gluttony to gated restraint of temperance to what goes in one being’s as a lifespan or death.

Acting that as a worthless and sad sloth or become an active and happy diligence to only one but to others as well.

To strike out in peerless wrath to equal patience on whose lives should shed blood or live on.

Leaving soon only that of prejudice envy to what is need as a trustful kindness on sharing the world or not for one life or more.

In 21 yearlong ways, it has come to this.

Fulfilling or not, that is nor a coming thought to bring forth.

For there is still more to know, before the final step is made, spinning forever on as yin and yang dance.

Learning more and growing is still a better choice to do, going on in life, finding the secrets will come, out of the blue or land in one’s hand.

But for now, this just a day of a birth, time to see as that and go from there.

Even when unwire sight of what’s to come . . . that’s just how life is and to world’s spinning cycle.

21 ways, and still blissfully unsure . . . oh happy birthday to me.

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