Wait….didn’t this movie come out months ago? Um…..let’s pretend that I am re posting this because of the new site and that I didn’t wait nearly six months to watch it on pay per view. Yeah…that works for me.


So, I finally got to see the long awaited sequel to The Muppets. Honestly, I have a lot of pressure on me here. As some may remember when The Muppet’s came out, I roasted it and the article got much deserved hatred. So I want to do this latest movie justice and give an honest impression of it. What did I think?


Eh, it was ok. Honestly this movie makes me want to apologize to The Muppets for being so hard on it. Because while I hated the love story in that movie it really was a decent Muppet film. This one….had it’s moments. But for the most part, to be honest, I was bored. It really is just like The Muppet Caper, a decent film with nothing that really stood out or made it great. The gags were funny, especially one gag refering to how the first movie ignored certain Muppets in favor of Walter. That made me laugh out loud. The songs went from awful to really good. I loved the Interrogation song. I really can’t explain why. The villain song was good to. But Piggy’s big song was kind of dull and I HATED

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