Bloodshot is the sixth Podcast Play (if you count Mason Dixon as one big project), and from one play to the next there has been one constant. Actors may change, writers may come and go, but there’s only one Alexthed.

Alex has done the opening and closing credits for each of the Podcast Plays (except the later episodes of Mason Dixon, where text credits were used to make way for Les’ theme song). Each time he’s brought the same style and enthusiasm for being our Master of Ceremonies. His warm, welcoming voice is perfect to ease everyone in to our productions.

Alex has perfected that voice in his stand-up comedy, acting, and as host of the beloved show Movie Questions Answered. He’s appeared in every 100 member special, gave a fantastic interview in Creative Chaos (out December 15, if you haven’t heard), and will play a crucial part in A Site in Scarlett. He’s one of our earliest members, and has proven himself time and again to be one of the most valuable.

Alex, along with our very own Mr. Aspiring Actor, has shot a pilot for a series called Pinheads. He was gracious enough to send me a clip to use in Creative Chaos and I have to say, this show is going to be awesome. I’m not just saying that because he’s wearing a Manic Expression shirt in the show…though that doesn’t hurt.

Whats great is that the T-shirt was planned out, by him. He told me in advance, “Hey, I’m going to wear a Manic shirt in this show.” Why? To help promote us. Because even when working on something that was his own, separate from Manic Expression, he had us in mind.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what Manic Expression means to me these last few weeks. I know I say this all the time, but we really are the greatest community on the Web. There isn’t one among us who would ever tear down or intentionally hurt another member. Criticism is always constructive, caring, and respectful. In an Internet landscape filled with jerks doing their best to rain on another persons dreams, we do our best to lift each other up. Sometimes all it takes is something as simple as deciding what T-shirt you want to wear on an very important day.

To Alexthed! A valued member of Manic Expression, and a hell of a nice guy.

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