Issued 169


“Okay  this is now a good time to jump to a different location,” Parkland said to softly while looking up at the black sky.


Yet Parkland stood where she was looking around for anything that might give her a glue as to what she was suppose to see or what will happen next. She di not have to wait long for an  answered for now she had found herself staning in a middle of a hellish storm whit lighting that touch down just four feet from where she was standing. Parkland was scared cold and soak to the bone while rubbing her shoulder she  begin looked around  the plantation only to see some of th stable completely coluppous on them salve from the strong guest of wind which continued to pick up speed.  She than  notice out of the coner of her eyes  apreson running out of the house but coud not make out who it was  that was running for dear lift. She did however notice that the person stop brethly and look at the fort of the house before making his way down the road. Parkland  also look over at that direction  and realize  a shadowy figure   right in a fort of the house.


The person back was turn. She could not make up her face. Yet parkland had had a feeling who it was, just by the height alone. Form there she could her bulding colupping form behind her. Tress falling to the ground as well as  debris fying toward her; missing her by inches. Yet the house that shadowy figure was stand ding  at remained untouched and intact. But how could this be? Everything from the burn to the picket fanges to the buckets tht was lift on the ground had taken flight and yet the house remained untouched. And that when it hit her; this this shadowly figure providing the storm from destroying the house?  but how is that possible ?


The next thing Parkland found herself staring at what remained of the Plantation. And when say what was lift mean the house and just that. Everything around it was completing turn into rubble  even the the dirt road was filled with debris that no doubt flew in from a near by town. Nothing was llift yes was the family return there was sad and thankful the house they had build their entered fortune is still standing. While both parent had their discussion as to the event which had curred parkland glad over at Elizabell who was looking  at th sky and was all smile for she knew she was right in giving her parent the warring to leave the property.


Day had turn into night. Parkland had once again found herself standing outside of the house, staring at the widows as people move in and out of the rooms.  Everything seems fine. The sky is clear and it sounded like everyone inside the house is having a good time. Yet Parkland Monskey could not figure out why she was still suck out side of the house when she should be at less inside or what desiation God  wanted her to go? And than from out of nowere a shadowy finuger had came from out of nowhere; stating directly at her.  He was told and his eyes was glowing white which lift parkland open mouth.


“Red!” Parkland said softly for it was the only words she sould said at that moment.


The man in red slowly begain to movie forward. And parkland was thinking weather he was the one to glide her to the other side. Or did he had something els in store for her.


However just as she was aobut to stand face to face with him a voice wisper inside of her head which made her eye widen in confusion .


“Time to go back.”

by Jockerlee 77


Co Writer T-Kun U.W.S .III


2014 Manic


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