When is being called Infamous,
It’s best to make notice of this person,
For the chances of whatever this individual can do,
Best not to miss it!

Come short on good words to say,
This man doesn’t miss out on them.

Mostly in doubt you don’t know Jak,
The Infamous Jak in other words . . .

Little work one eyes could find,
But it is work that has a lot of heart in it,
A clear voice who wants to be heard,
As much as the next who wishes for silence.

Not in the case,
This voice should be heard,
Even for little that can be found,
It’s a voice that has a tune all can listen too.

So hear it now,
Because soon,
That white noise of the internet may block it out,
Let this one know,
His talent is great and expressing well is what he can do.

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