Everyone has those small enjoyments,

Where ever it could be,

In a tiny case like this,

It would be comic strips that you find in any newspaper.


And never before would finding someone who,

Loves comic strips and want the best out them,

Would be a man that carries the name with him!


Comic Strip Critic,

An easy to tell name of what he does,

But as some critics may speak their minds,

He speaks from the heart.


You’ll never find anyone else do so much,

Work in diminutive terms,

On something so trouble-free that many don’t bother reading,

A passion that is enjoyable to watch.


Talents like his,

That is gladly not being disregard because of minor things,

That so many would try and prove to what makes or breaks,

A critic!


So it may not much this little poem to him,

As to what else he has gotten,

But he should know his hard work is getting notice,

From big names,

Too those voices from the quiet sidelines . . .


And with that,

Comic Strip Critic,

You’re one of the greats in my book,

So don’t forget it!

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