Hello & welcome back to A Look at Disney and today, we are doing something a little different. Now, I’ll admit that I am in part borrowing this idea from a Disney forum. Figment, I love Figment. He’s my favorite Disney Parks character. And he’s back with The Dreamfinder in the Figment comic book series (which is Fantastic, and I’ll be reviewing those once the miniseries is complete).


Figment is one of the most popular and beloved EPCOT Characters and from my reading in D23 and looking it up online, Figment was in a series of educational shorts. I originally wanted to look at those shorts but alas very little footage of those shorts are online saved for a clip of Peter Pan from Reading Magic with Figment and Peter Pan.
In which Figment and a young girl help teach Peter Pan, the joys of reading.

I really wanted to review this short because it sounded so cool and to learn that my favorite dragon was in a series of shorts in the ’80s. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t find it because this just seemed so cool. Anyways, on WDWmagic.com,
I saw a forum suggesting a Disney Junior show for Figment.

Now, on the one hand, a Disney Junior preschool show isn’t a bad idea because Figment and Dreamfinder were all about teaching kids about imagination and kids would eat up Figment. He is just adorable and just so friendly and lovable. I also think that Dreamfinder should be in the show and be like the wise old uncle/grandpa character for the kids, i.e. an Uncle Walt character. What would the setup be? Well, that’s tough but I think one way to go about it is that it takes place in the Imagination Pavilion and have Dreamfinder and Figment tell of their adventures to other dimensions and realms and how what they learned there, helped them in their time of need. With that, I think Dreamfinder should be played by a Human actor at least in the opening and closing segments where he introduces the stories but then have the adventures be animated.

Also, the chimera from the comic book needs to be in the show because he is so cute.

Cuteness Overload

Now, I would also stress that this show should NOT be a Dora clone, where Figment or Dreamfinder interact with the kids watching at home. Instead, just let the show tell a story. Now the comics so far have shown that a story revolving these two can work but obviously, if this show were to be done, it most likely would not use the comic because that’s more for older fans that grew up with the original attraction. The idea here is to introduce Figment to a new generation of kids that may not know who he is. As for the theme song, easy, you can use One Little Spark but apparently, Figment also had his own theme song for those education shorts. Here’s a link to it (quality isn’t the best). That isn’t bad and does have a very friendly kid vibe to it. So, yeah maybe that could work. That’s also another thing that I think is key to this show. Most kids show nowadays have at least one song per episode in them such as MLP and Sofia The First and I think a Figment TV show should follow suit and Figment seems like the perfect character to give multiple songs to. You could clearly use them in the same vein as the aforementioned shows to express a feeling such as happiness, sadness like the song, Me and My Mom from the mother’s day episode of Sofia The First.

Now, I would like this show to happen as a Figment fan and I truly think this would be the right path to go to get more people acquainted with the lovable purple dragon. Tell me in the comments, what are some other Disney attractions, you think would make good kids’ shows. Peace!

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