The first time SomeJerkfromBoston (hence forth to be referred to as SJFB) and I did a podcast together, as he once told me, he was not excited. He told me he thought to himself, “Oh man! You mean the Stop the Hate guy?” He thought I’d be some sort of sugary sweet, annoyingly upbeat prude. It wasn’t until I said the word “fuck” that he let loose a sigh of relief and said, “Oh thank god, he swears!”
My first impression of SJFB wasn’t all that great either. When you found a website based on the idea of community and no trolling, to see someone who refers to themselves as as jerk makes you worry. I was reminded of trolls I’d dealt with in the past who went by names like Edwin Q. Hatemonger, worthless pricks who made it their mission in life to spoil the fun of anyone who dared post a blog or make a video.

How relieved I was when I got to know SJFB. He might be from Boston, that much is true, but he’s the furthest thing from a jerk. Is his wit caustic? Yes, delightfully so. Will he be brutally honest? Absolutely, but only to cut through the bullshit that hinders many from giving really good advice. Ask him for advice on a project and he’ll give it to you straight, but he also won’t let you give up on yourself either.

Our beloved Patricia took the first crack at the screenplay for Manic Expression: The Movie. I chose her because she’s a sweetheart, well versed in the kind of cartoony adventure with a heart I wanted the movie to be underneath. But we always knew someone else would come in and develop the project further, adding the comedy and an edge that would keep the film from slipping over the edge of sentiment. Luckily, SJFB stepped up.

We’ve had many discussions about the movie. I’ve read a fantastic outline that I wouldn’t dream of spoiling for any of you (and one scene of the new draft, which literally made me choke with laughter). In those conversations, SJFB has made it clear that he doesn’t want this movie to slip into schmaltz. Yet he also speaks of the movies themes – friendship, following your dreams, believing in yourself. Maybe he’s a little more sentimental than he lets on.

Manic Expression is made up of hundreds of people. Many of you come here, post your blogs or your videos, and move along. That’s fine. Some, however, want more out of their time here. Some want to make friends, encourage others, further their own dreams and ambitions. SJFB is one of those people.

Sadly I didn’t get to be a part of his recent commentary for Night of the Living Dead with Kyle, TheOtherDude, and Moderately Annoyed Canadian. I was there for an earlier attempt which, due to technical difficulties, didn’t happen. The project was Kyle’s, but it was SJFB who knew how to put the whole thing together. He patiently walked us through the problems going on, did his best to overcome them, and when he couldn’t he reassured Kyle that we would try again until everything turned out okay.

…Doesn’t sound like a jerk to me. Sounds like a hell of a nice guy.

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