Disney Sing Along Songs Circle of Life  Review 

Theme Song by Brian Setzer and owned by Walt Disney Records

Theme Song by Patrick DeRemer and owned by Walt Disney Records


Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the final installment of the longest event I have ever had on the Mouse House! Thank you to all who stuck through it and listened to my ramblings and opinions. Thanks a million you guys are great! Now this volume despite it’s seemingly short length is one of my favorites for obvious reasons and not so obvious reasons. This was released in 1994 with the huge success of the Lion King and has an interesting lineup of songs and an excellent theme that remains one of the best theme choices in the series. The same excellent opening with Mr. Owl continues and Jiminy Cricket is our host and he talks about the concept of finding our place in the world around us whether it’s following a destiny or making our own way in life and the benefits of choosing either or. We begin with the title song.

Circle of Life

Obviously this song would start us off and it is still a magnificent opening! It is the definition of the themes of the film and of this volume! Easily the best song in the Lion King and definitely one of the best on this video! Pure animated excellence with the Sing Along experience added to it.

Part of Your World

The next song is LONG OVERDUE in the Sing Along series (this was before beach party so this was the first appearance). I wanted this back in volume 6! One of my favorite Disney songs of all time is back! I’ve already talked about this song to death about how it is the perfect “I want” song! Every lyric, every note, every facial expression, every gesture, every body movement, every vocal is absolute perfection!!!! The motivations and dreams of the character expressed in musical poetry are amazing!!! It fits perfectly with the theme and is just brilliant!

Prince Ali

We move on now to the song from Aladdin that didn’t quite make it onto Volume 11, but here it is given the treatment and is really good. A fun and vibrant song that serves Aladdin trying to find his place in the world by trying to be something he’s not which as the film shows isn’t really the right way. Great stuff!

I Just Can’t Wait to be King

The next song is Simba’s big song about how he wants to be king! It is a fun song and I’m glad they resisted the urge to put Hakuna Matata in there. This song is sort of the child view of the theme and this idea evolves from a child’s reason for wanting the power of kingship and the hard responsibilities that accompany kingship that Simba learns in his adulthood. A great song that would set the stage for the coming of age later in the film.


Belle’s “I Want” song from my favorite Disney movie ever!!! This song is about how Belle wants to get away from the petty daily routines of her town and have a more meaningful life. It fits the theme perfectly and it is a really good introductory song to this animated masterpiece!!

Everybody Wants to be a Cat

This is the only repeat song in the episode. This song is still cool and the best song from that particular lackluster movie. Still swingin’ and awesome!

When You Wish Upon a Star

This episode ends the only way it can end with the theme of all things Disney!! This time it’s the original Jiminy Version! Jiminy our host takes the stage and sings this song under a candle and all the Disney characters gather around to hear the anthem that has been a part of them and has inspired them and millions of others the world over. I noticed that Jiminy’s speech before he starts singing reminded me of the theme poem to Kingdom Hearts which makes that already excellent series nearer to my heart.


Final Thoughts

This is an excellent volume with the great songs as well as the amazing theme that binds the songs and Disney as a whole together! Thank you again for joining me for this long event of reviewing the  Sing Along Song series!


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