L is for how Less of a mind goes into something, that people think they understand, but comes out as hatred and hurtful.

E goes for that Exception of that love goes more than what a book or spiteful words echo of what is right.

S is just the Sentiment all want to give, but are afraid to share it, leaving again nothing gray, and only in black and white.

B is too suited via Boldness, that passion to love and care is farther within the bear grips of life.

I to that of Iota of hope, change, and maybe just maybe, love, but alas a distance and broken pipe hallucination.

A can only be that of Adoration to make all things at peace, but the fear that ones will fight back, will always hold one back.

N is an easy Never to stop, to try on, and love how one wishes to, be it choice or born as is, how loves changes nothing but being happy that the love is there, even if coming from the sexual category one is.

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