Sometimes I applaud members here for bringing beauty to this site. Sometimes the praise comes when they go out of their way for the community. Today, for the first time, I’m here to give a standing ovation to someone who simply made us all look badass.

TheOtherDude92…Round One – FIGHT!

Since May, our good friend who also abides has been constructing, member by member, a giant roster of characters for the Manic Expression Fighting Game series. One by one we’ve made our way to the arena: Detective Ratin8tor, Moderately Pissed-Off Canadian, Alex the Big D, Mister Smooth of the Clan MacSmooth. The list goes on and on. Dozens of members have been rendered in awesome sketch form for this series, and every new installment has been a hell of a good time.

I can’t imagine how long this undertaking took. Plotting out the story, coming up with character designs and then drawing each one. OtherDude has shown incredible restraint in how he’s released these sketches. Many were ready far in advance, yet he teased us with them. Who were the secret bosses? When would we see the admins, who of course were the evil bosses of the game? The suspense was maddening!

Sometimes, to show your love for your community, it’s not about moving people or going on and on about what they mean to you. Sometimes it’s about fun. Good, old fashion, spine being ripped from your body fun. How many of us have bonded with people over a video game? Gotten to know someone throwing sonic booms? Oh sure, having a friend who’ll be by your side after a death in the family or a break up, handing you tissues and listening to your inner thoughts, is always helpful. Equally helpful can be a friend who comes over and says, “I’m going to kick your ass in Mortal Kombat, mother fucker!”

I get the feeling OtherDude might be that kind of friend, and thank god for that! Having those friends around often times makes all the difference in the world. So here’s to El Duderino! For the better part of a year he’s made those that have appeared in his series feel special, entertained the community as a whole, and reminded us that Manic Expression is not only the greatest community on the web, but that we’ll take on all challengers and crush them!

Oh, and thanks for making me look badass. That’s the first time thats ever happened in my life. It’s a nice change of pace.

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