Hey guys,  as you know the  4th Year  Anniversary for A Look at Disney is coming up.  Sadly,  with the loss of the old site,  I lost  what songs some of you would be covering. Now,  I’ve already  gotten some of your songs but if you have not gotten your song choices and  descriptions as to why you like them to me yet, please send them to me in a private message on the site.   However,  I still have a list of all the people that have signed up.   If you have signed up and your name is not on the list, please let me know. Also, the deadline still stands.  You have until September 1st to send me your songs,  I will not be taking any submissions after that date.   So please, if you want to partake in this event, please get me your songs. Here is the list and if your name is crossed out,  that means I’ve gotten your songs already. Also,  since  I lost your  songs,  I allow multiple  people to now  talk  about the same song, if they cannot remember their old choices.



1. Les
3. The Creature
4. The Second Opinion
5. Ingoymama70
6. Richb
7. Tim
8. Alex
9. Chilton
10. R8
11. T-kun
12. Arteyu
13. DisneyOtoko
14. Moviefan12


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