By now I’m sure you’ve all seen Manic Expression: Creative Chaos. While the scene that takes place early on, with Time Paradox appearing to explain the process of what goes into the making of a video, seems obvious now, it wasn’t always planned. In fact, it was kind of a last minute addition. 

I had a “duh!” moment where I realized that, for all the talk about making a video, no one ever shows us what thats like. Because Time Paradox had not filmed an interview I asked him to demonstrate for us, and he went above and beyond. What he delivered was no only informative but also entertaining, showing off his wit and his fantastic skills as an editor.

I wanted Time Paradox in Creative Chaos because…well…I like him. He’s a nice guy, and he’s told me how much Manic Expression means to him. Going into MetaCon to promote the film, Decker and I were both pretty nervous. The room we were presenting in was huge, and neither of us had ever done anything like that before. The morning of the con I checked my email and found a message from Time Paradox, wishing me good luck. I carried those well wishes with me during the presentation, and they made all the difference.

With so much talent on display at Manic Expression, it’s easy to forget that what makes us awesome is kindness. Of course Decker is a brilliant video producer, but he’s also a hell of a nice guy. Of course Creepy is a talented man, but he’s also a good listener. Of course Timdiana is a great performer, but he’s also always willing to help out when you need him. Being a community doesn’t just mean stepping up in the big projects, it means giving words of encouragement when they’re needed. 

Time Paradox has a bright future ahead of him. He’s got the skills and the talent to take him as far as he wants to go, but in life skills and talent will only help you achieve professional success. It’s his good heart that makes him an outstanding success as a human being.

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