Just a List of upcoming posts I’m doing.


As I hinted at in my 2nd Q&A, I’ve decided to celebrate my 2nd Year on Manic Expression by doing a 3rd (Maybe Final) Q&A.

You can ask questions for it in the comments or on the forum for it:



It Came From the Drive In


Zombie Month

For November 2014 on It Came From the Drive In, I’m going to be looking at films made by Metal singer Rob Zombie.



Here are the films chosen for it (No Order for it yet):

House of 1,000 Corpses

The Devil’s Rejects

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

Halloween Remake


It Came From the Drive In’s 100th Review – Slowly but surely, It’s coming. I recently posted my 70th a couple of weeks ago.


Old vs New: Fright Night

Old vs New: I Am Legend films (Last Man on Earth vs The Omega Man vs I Am Legend)


I also plan on doing some posts Music related since I wanted to try posting into that field.


Plus I plan on posting some lists soon:


My Top 13 Troma Films – For their 40th Anniversary

My Top 26 Favorite Albums

13 Films I Recommend to Watch on Halloween – Obviously for October

My Top 13 Creepypastas

My Top 20 Favorite Directors

My 13 Favorite Gorillaz Songs




Letters to Celestia

I’m mostly going to be posting Lists so far plus some reviews that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Here’s what will be coming soon:


My Top 5 episodes of S1, S2, & S3

My Top 13 Favorite MLP Episodes (So Far)

My Top 13 MLP Songs

Rainbow Factory – For October

Double Rainboom

Past Sins

Rarity’s New Dress – For October

Banned (Forever) – I’ll attach this with another review, since It will be incredibly short

My Top 13 Favorite Brony Videos






Also, Here’s a Re-post of the 31 Days of Halloween Schedule just to post as a reminder:

October 1- Moviefan12

October 2- The Second Opinion

October 3 – Chilton

October 4 – richb

October 5 – Atreyu

October 6 – Gurning Chimp

October 7 – HorrorViewer

October 8 – The Creature

October 9 – Brekclub85

October 10 – HedonisticActor

October 11 – Ratin8tor

October 12 – Les

October 13 – BigBlackHatMan

October 14 – TheOtherDude92

October 15 – Des Shinta

October 16 – Des Shinta

October 17 – Chilton

October 18 – T-Kun

October 19 – T-Kun

October 20 – T-Kun

October 21 – DisneyOtoko

October 22 – The Second Opinion

October 23 – Atreyu

October 24 – jashykins

October 25 – Smiffy

October 26 – Ratin8tor

October 27 – Moviefan12

October 28 – SomeJerkFromBoston / Kyle

October 29 – SomeJerkFromBoston

October 30 – James

October 31 – Chilton

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