Back in the day, I blogged on This was a pre-Kickassia TGWTG, before they were the giants they are today. It was during this time that I first encountered many of our first Expressionists, but there were three who I was closest to: Les, Jim Bevan, ThatCanadianGuy (who never joined up here, though I hope some day he does), and, of course, Fluffyman. Together, we called ourselves the Anti-Hate Brigade.

Like Manic Expression now, TGWTG at the time was a place where bloggers were big names too. Stop the Hate was a big series over there, and it influenced quite a few people to start their own blogs about chilling the hell out. I started seeing similar titles popping up like Calling Out Haters, The War on Hate, and Stop Hating On…, and I was thrilled. Finally! Finally, people I could sue!

Seriously though, I was so honored to have had an effect on my fellow writers. One series in particular became a favorite of mine – Calling Out Haters. Fluffyman, in many ways, created a series far superior to Stop the Hate. While I often strayed into topics that clearly nobody hated, Fluffy kept his series pure. He defended hated movies, actors who were taking shit, and most impressively he took on hot button issues. It was Fluffy who kept the anti-hate torch burning brightest.

Over the last couple of years, Manic Expression has become known as the underdog site, not just because we give shelter to those looking for a safe haven from the trolls, but because we defend that which others won’t. Hundreds of articles, videos, and podcasts here have been devoted to standing apart from the herd and beside something targeted with vitriol. Of all these, Calling Out Haters has been the most consistent.

When Fluffyman sees injustice, he just has to speak up. Whether he’s defending Wendy Davis or 3D, he’s always passionate. He offers his opinion, backs it up, and puts it out there in the world without apology. I was concerned when these anti-hate blogs started that people might accuse the authors of ripping me off. However, Calling Out Haters has become an entity all it’s own.

I get distracted easily. “Oh, I want to review Iron Man, a universally beloved movie!” I simply lack the focus to stay on my original path, defending that which others won’t. That’s why I’m so grateful for Fluffyman, our warrior for justice. He’s a man of honor, and I’m proud to call him my friend, and a hero of mine as well.

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