James: Normally this is my gig. I choose the member to celebrate, I write up the article, I post it and the community joins with me in cheering on the man or woman of the hour. Not this time though. This one’s too big. I can’t handle it alone. And so, to honor my friend and co-founder of Manic Expression, I have invited Moviefan12 here to help me out.
Moviefan12, tell us all about…Les.

Moviefan12:  Les is one of the best people on this site and someone I consider one of my best friends here on Manic Expression.  He always has a kind word to say to everyone and he always wants to see people smile, smile, smile (had to throw that reference in there).  From working on the numerous collabs that we’ve done together,  Les has always been a joy to work with.

James: As I said in Creative Chaos, Les was the first person I went to when Megan put Manic Expression up for me. He and I had talked about starting our own site, and we shared a vision. In those early days, Les and I spent our time recruiting, and lucky for us all Les had a lot of friends. As a blogger he had gained a reputation as the nicest, most supportive man on the Internet. A well deserved reputation.

Moviefan12:  100% agree that Les has more than earned that  reputation.  He is just an awesome guy all around.   And how  can we talk about Les  without mentioning his musical talents.   Les has a great series, where he covers songs and  his music is stuff I’d rather listen to than say the likes of Katy Perry or Gaga.  And I must say that I am truly looking forward to his take on “Let It Go.”

James: I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat it: The main theme to Creative Chaos is one of my favorite pieces of movie music ever. It would be on a top 25 list of themes (hmmm…not a bad idea), up there with movies like Superman, Star Wars, and Terminator. When Les sent me the demo for the song, my eyes welled up. If there’s one complaint I have with Creative Chaos, it’s that the movie doesn’t have twice as much of his music in it.
So we’ve covered the obvious: Talented blogger, composer, and performer. However, I think we’ve left out the most important part of all: A devoted father and unwavering friend.

Moviefan12:  Oh absolutely,   I cannot say enough about  how wonderful a friend Les is.  As I mentioned in the intro,  he always wants to see people smile and always look for the best in people.

James: It was Les’ devotion to his audience, friends and fellow bloggers that led many of the earliest Expressionists to the site. This goes to show that when you’re there for your friends, your friends will be there for you. And Les considers us all family, and wants to help us achieve all we’re capable of. That’s rare in this world, and we’re damn lucky to have him.

Moviefan12:   We’ve all been through turbulent times and just as Les has always been there for all of us,  I also want to be there for him because he is just a great support for us, he deserves our support.

James: Agreed. Spotlight is about more than just patting each other on the back. It’s about reminding everyone how important a friend is. We’ve all been down and out at one point in our lives, and when we were I’m sure we all wished for someone like Les to be there and help us back up. Well, how lucky are we then that we have him now? He’s here. Lets all show our love.

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