Losing something important,
Will always strike a triad will people,
Whatever it is that they honored . . .

Be it good or bad.

When it is lost,
It’s lost,
But a fleeting memory all wants to hold onto.

That item of choice,
Can be called a lot of things . . .

A famous person,
A toy,
A family member or friend,
A name of a place,
A pet,
Or something on a bitter side of light,
That may set things a blaze of a colder flame.

One thing for sure all can agree on,
Is that it’s a legend,
That is near.

Close to the heart,
Oh thee thoughtful place between our ears,
Forever making a landmark within . . .

To what shattered that wonder without a second thought,
Is when,
Civil matters of the unknown come into play . . .
And like a sickness too strong to stop,
Takes it all away!

Leaving again,
Only the memory of that legend,
For us to only hold it near.

As in that it may be gone,
But does that mean,
It should be forgotten.

A fear within,
Minor to those who think it will never happen again,
Should know that’s a lie,
And it doesn’t all happen for a reason for a higher being thought it was time,
Or along the way,
The easy route was much better to take.

None of that,
At all,
Should come near,
When it comes to legends!

When they are gone,
They are gone,
Neither more nor less of this hidden meaning of doubt!

If that sounds too real for someone,
Than tough,
That’s how things are.

Let it be stated now and as always the same,
It sucks,
When things are out of one’s control,
Nothing can be done,
And the world for a moments congeal,
In a pain secure to another,
But nowhere close.

A legend or many,
Will be lost,
Mourn only short for them,
But moving on is only the next stage,
For if still too long,
What of the legends still here,
Feeling static as an empty silver mine,
Lost knowing only sadness is in the air!

Life’s not fair,
We all know that!

But only if that is what holds us down,
And not push us forward,
If spare a moment in thought of this,
An easy question if you don’t think too hard.

Do the legends of the past want us only remember them,
As being gone from thing that became their downfall or for what they left behind before the tragic?

A legend does a lot more,
But you can only see it,
If you move on from the lost of mourn,
You can see that fonder memoires,
Will do much more good!

A legend will always be a memory,
To the heart and mind,
Dorky and cliché,
As it sounds,
It’s the truth.

Mourn now,
Forget them never,
Smile on for whatever else this future plans,
For we have to take it head on.

Legend of time,
Be only a comrade,
And seize thy day forever within thy one’s being.

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