Disney Sing Along Songs Beach Party at Walt Disney World Review 

Theme Song by Brian Setzer and owned by Walt Disney Records

Theme Song by Patrick DeRemer and owned by Walt Disney Records

This review is actually going to focus on the only Mickey’s Fun Songs video that is good. And it’s not good because of its quality, but because of the fact that it’s just stupid fun! It does showcase the areas of WDW much better than the other park related videos (obviously Disneyland Fun is the exception), but it doesn’t quite get to Disneyland Fun’s level and it goes into the stupid aspects of the other bad Sing Alongs, but what makes it fun is that they have fun with it. You don’t get any of this manipulated and doctored reactions from the kids. Here the kids are just having fun! The song choices while not great are certainly entertaining! This is a stupid fun video that is admittedly worthy of the Sing Along name.

Beach Party with the perfect amounts of cornball lame

all footage owned by Walt Disney Home Video! 


Okay basically the thing starts by having Mickey going to the kids’ houses and gathering them with no real asking of permission so apparently the parents are A Ok with Mickey kidnapping their children to go to Disney World when they could have homework to do. Anyway this classic tune is nowhere near the best opening song and is just blah, but it barely works.

Set Your Name Free

After the opening number the kids get their own song. And Yes that is as bad as you think. But you know what? It’s okay because the kids are genuinely having fun. This is a stupid little song that introduces the kids (not that we care) and it is just fun and to see how ridiculous they take it. Especially this one kid named Boo he’s awesome because he seems to be having the most fun! It’s just a romp! It may be a far cry from the class and sophistication of the Mr. Owl Saga, but this offshoot is just too stupidly entertaining and enjoyable!

Surfin’ Safari

This classic beach song makes its way onto the line up of songs. It’s a fun and yet average song. It showcases the wavepool where guests can take surfing lessons fairly well and even Tigger joins the characters for some surfin’ fun!

3 Little Fishies

After the kids see Mickey in scuba gear they decide to follow him to the fish tank where guests can swim in this aquarium. It’s a kiddie song, but fortunately there aren’t too much of those in here. It’s just okay.

A Pirate’s Life

Finally some Disney songs!!!!!!!! This song from Peter Pan takes place when the boys find a doubloon and they are transported to a ship in the middle of World Showcase Lagoon (maybe Seven Seas Lagoon) with a bunch of Pirate Cast Members and there is decent choreography for a Sing Along special. Then Captain hook shows up and when he finds out children are aboard he goes nuts and apparently the pirates are confused as to which side they’re on because at first they supported the kids and now some are helping them and some are trying to get them and they’re fighting each other. So it doesn’t really make sense. Besides since when does Hook not like having children join his crew? I mean in the movie he offered to spare the Lost Boys’ lives if they joined his crew so he was more than willing to accept children on his ship if they agreed again it makes no sense…. I’m reading WAY too much into this aren’t I? Anyway peter shows up and takes Hook out and he falls over the side and takes too long for the splash to sound because he wouldn’t have fallen that far from what they showed of the ship’s height out of the water. Still the most promising song with its great setup and usage of characters. When one of the kids is looking out of a telescope he spots Ariel sitting on a rock. Which leads to the next song.

Part of Your World

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things are definitely picking up now! The main girls of the show see Ariel on the rock and they go to meet her and they gather round while Ariel sings one of my favorite Disney songs! Guess what they got Jodi Benson to come back as Ariel and the Cast Member lip synched to the song. It was just pure awesome! Yes they did let the girls sing along except it wasn’t too long and they weren’t too loud so Jodi’s voice was always in the spotlight as it should be! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot, Hot, Hot

Now I know the two best songs in the video are complete, but the rest of the songs are okay and now we get to the most overused kids song in the 90s. I swear this song was on every single kids CD and tape!!!! Even 1 or 2 Little Mermaid albums had Sebastian’s cover of the song on there! And to be honest I like Sebastian’s cover better. I mean this version or Goofy’s cover is fine, but it’s overused and Sebastian’s is better.

The Hukilau Song

We have a Hawaiian theme next and the kids and characters sing this preparation for what I assume is a kind of luau, but I’m not exactly familiar with that term. The song is okay, but it’s really nothing special.

Pearly Shells

This is basically a song that showcases the basic movements of the hula and a basic story. Whether it’s an authentic Hawaiian story or not I don’t know. The thing I find amusing is that hula is supposed to be a dance that tells the story set to music without lyrics so to have lyrics sung and onscreen while doing a hula is defeating the point isn’t it? Still a nice song and one that is relatively obscure if it is an established song.

Limbo Rock

The sun has now set and now we get another generic kids song. It’s classic, but generic. Still it works and what else are they gonna do? Still I prefer Sebastian’s cover from another Mermaid album. I also don’t think it’s fair for Goofy to attempt a limbo on the lowest possible setting with his height that’s just mean and not fair.

Slicin’ Sand

After the limbo game Aladdin and Jasmine show up and apparently are the heads of an Arabian Rock Band!!!!!!! Dude!!!!!!!!! That’s awesome!!!!!!!! They sing this classic tune with what appears to be altered lyrics and it is just awesome!!!! But if you want me to nitpick all the Disney characters featured in the video appear and there is complete lack of character relationships I mean Hook and Peter Pan are dancing side by side and having a good time. That’s just wrong! I’m sorry this complete disregard for character relationships does bother me and I’m reading too much into this again aren’t I? Also the worst thing is that Ariel is off to the side sitting on a rock waving her arms and is left out of the dancing!! That’s just mean! Leaving her out of the party like that! No!!!!!! I mean come on is it that hard to carry her around and simulate dancing to show appreciation for her participating in the event and making her feel included? Still as far as the song goes it’s great! Awesome way to end the video!

Final Thoughts

This episode while flawed and containing stupidity that doesn’t even come close to approaching the Mr. Owl Saga is a stupid fun episode. It showcases the park in question better than its brethren and it did showcase for the most part decent to great songs. So I say it’s worth a watch! Stay tuned next time where I return to the Mr. Owl saga to review the Sing Along that was used to promote Hunchback of Notre Dame in Disney Sing Alongs Topsy Turvy!

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