Every now and then a member comes along and just clicks immediately with the whole community. This seems to be the case with Dom Perignon. In the short time he’s been here he’s been a part of the 400 member special, teamed up with Timdiana for a review, and it seems no matter who I talk to on the site they know his name. Our policy here isn’t to raise anyone up as a star, but sometimes a member will raise themselves up to such a level. Dom has done that.

I’m proud to say that I’m the one who invited Dom to Manic Expression after stumbling on a review of his on YouTube. Most people have the same reaction when I offer them a spot here: “What’s the catch?” They worry, and rightly so, about this being a scam. After all, the Internet is full of hucksters trying to make money off the hopeful. Dom decided to take a chance on Manic, and we’re all glad he did.

Dom is a fantastic producer and a natural born comedian. I remember when he sent me his video for the 400 member special. I laughed for a good five minutes, then watched it again ten times. I was so glad to see he submitted something. I knew he’d have a natural chemistry with so many of our members. When I saw his video on YouTube, I said to myself, “He’d fit right in at Manic Expression.”

And indeed he does. From welcoming new member to agreeing to take part in the upcoming 500 member special, Dom fits in like a glove here. He shares our spirit of collaboration, of community. He puts 110% into his videos not to become famous, but because he doesn’t see the point in making them if he’s not going to do his best. …Although becoming famous would be nice, and I’m sure he’d agree.

We can’t have too many people like Dom here at Manic Expression. Having him as a part of the community only strengthens us. Passion, dedication, creativity – these words define Manic Expression, and they define Dom Perignon

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