At first,
The chances of knowing someone,
Could keep Madhog in line,
I never thought it would be someone,
Just as witty and delightful.

Now and then,
He’ll pop along and add something.

Like a good add spice to a dish.

A Batman and Alfred,
Kind of duo!

Devar Arcvarron,
Is somewhat new to the scene,
But makes it up with laughs!

Even again,
When you think the material couldn’t get any better,
Devar makes it works.

Don’t think of asking,
Between the two of who is better,
One can’t work without the other.

A simple fact!

Hopefully down the road,
This duo will only keep getting better,
They’re too enjoyable working off each other.

With that,
I bid thee a good time,
In many ways!

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