Has it really been that long?

Amazing, to say the least,
but again,
this site is forever awesome.
Come in the shortness of it and you may never know,
of fast a year goes by,
in this case, it was lightening.

Coming in times,
which were hard,
mind-numbing at best,
and where quitting was maybe the best choice to do.

In a year,
just one year,
something change all that mind set.

Could it have been friends,
open-minded people,
people who could relate?
Maybe so,
as it was what made this site whole.

It had great people.
Understanding of flaws and greatness others have.
Chances of risks were never brought up.
The pressure of life got easy to handle when there was a place to vent,
and have no shame in showing it.

Then again,
in thought,
with a small voice in a sea of many,
this has been mostly likely said before.
Different tunes and different meanings behind it!
But it comes as the same.

In thankfulness,
it never changed,
only the format of things.

Comparing to others,
would seem wrong as to say,
the caring found in place is not as strong somewhere else.
Not even going to try doing that,
as there is only one place,
for something close to digital relations.

Still again,
above all else,
a year here and at the most happy there could ever be.
How else,
if anything;
of unlikeness to be anything but,
the truth . . .

Not much as to say,
but saying the world would mean little to nothing,
as how much they just keep repeating.
after year alone,
the emotions running through are easy enough to understand.
No need to say them.

Just glad that out of everything through this year,
on this site,
had become worth a lot.

And with that,
this first year done,
onto the next!
Hope everyone from before is there.

See everyone until next time.
For more is to come.
Best to be ready for it!

Are you?

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