With a name such as Creature,

Or something as;

It Came From the Drive In,

Horror comes to mind,

But luckily,

It’s only a name and a title.


For in further look,

He’s a critic,

Looking for those small details,

Or larger ones only found in,

Entertainment . . .


From going to oldies in looking back,

Or what is going on today,

He never disappoints.


Just the broken mirror error of sight,

Before knowing . . .


The Creature is peaceful in form,

But his reviews are another,

Yet to fear if the goal in mind,

Warms him greatly or ice’s him,

Is another game in thought?



Really it is.


A good friend he’s become,

Level-headed at best,

Witty when needed.


The Creature,

Who lives in the drive-in movies delight . . .

Means no harm and wishes,

For all to listen to his words . . .


In the end,

It’s not much to ask for,

In the long run . . .


I very glad I didn’t miss out on his words,

Others might not see it,

For they may only being looking at,

What is there upon,

And not the actual reason.


I’ll leave you to find out,

As the Creature carries on what he does best,

And that’s being happy at what he can do.


Good day,

Good nay,

My friends.

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