Disney Sing Along Songs Vol. 10: Be Our Guest Review 

Theme Song by Brian Setzer and owned by Walt Disney Records

Theme Song by Patrick DeRemer and owned by Walt Disney Records


The next volume deals with the promotion and celebration of the success of Beauty and the Beast. With the film being such a smash hit this was inevitable, but since the title song is Be Our Guest you would think that the songs would be related to hospitality, but that’s not the case merely because there aren’t a lot of songs about that. So like Volume 2 we have no specific theme, but the song selection is much better. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Disney Sing Along Songs Volume 10: Be Our Guest!

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Be Our Guest

Mr. Owl introduces our host Jiminy Cricket! Jiminy invites us to a show of great songs! We start off like always with the title song and it certainly is a great way to welcome us to the great line up of songs to follow. It seemed very natural to open with Beauty and the Beast’s big show stopping number much like Under the Sea did in Volume 6. It is a great song and has very entertaining visuals that only the enchanted residents of Beast’s Castle can bring us. 

Spoonful of Sugar

The next song is the song that defines the personality and philosophies of Mary Poppins. An ingenious concept by the Sherman Brothers that is based on the real life event of Robert’s son coming home from school and telling him that he got a vaccination by ingesting the medicine with a sugar cube on the spoon hence the title of the song. It’s a Sherman Brothers song come on do I need to say how well it’s written? A great song with more to come.

Little Wooden Head

Jiminy introduces a song that he finds very personal and is the song associated with the first time he met Pinocchio. This is a great song from Pinocchio and shows the kindness and joy that Gepetto wants to bring to the world and shows how he is worthy of the Blue Fairy’s gift. Here it makes its Sing Along debut and even has an added verse that is heard exclusively on this tape. A great underrated song.

Bella Notte

Ah the most famous song from Lady and the Tramp makes its Sing Along debut as well. It is a nice romantic song and contains one of the most romantic scenes in cinema history. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. A really nice inclusion to this episode.

Heffalumps and Woozles

Yay another Sherman Brothers song!!! Not just any Sherman Brothers song, but a Pooh song! You can’t go wrong with old Pooh songs. This is a catchy, funny and disturbing song at the same time. The surreal imagery of Pooh’s nightmare goes excellently with the catchy and quirky lyrics of the 100 Acre Wood’s dastardly Hunny thieves. This was an excellent addition to the line up of songs!

Beauty and the Beast

Obviously the show would be remiss if they didn’t put the OSCAR winning song in the line up. What is there to say about this song that hasn’t already been said? It’s amazing! It sums up the movie completely! Just having this song here makes this Sing Along worth a watch! You see the entire iconic scene and now you can sing along with the timed lyrics!

The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind

The underrated song from the underrated Great Mouse Detective makes its way onto the list of songs and it’s just great! It’s Vincent Price! You can’t go wrong! This is a standout song of the tape and is just a pure joy to listen to the arrogance and control of Professor Ratigan!

Chim Chim Cheree

My favorite Sherman Brothers song ever is showcased in this Sing Along. I love how this song explains Bert’s worldview just as Spoonful of Sugar did for Mary Poppins. Bert doesn’t need a high paying job. If he can make people happy by providing a basic service then he’s the luckiest man in the world! An excellent song to add to this volume!

Once Upon A Dream

Now we get to a great song from one of my personal favorite Disney movies Sleeping Beauty! With great music and animation and vocals this is a nice to end on!

Be Our Guest Reprise

As with tradition this volume ends with a reprise of the title song! We started with a showstopper and it only makes sense that we end with a showstopper! Great stuff!

Final Thoughts

Volume 10 makes the series official in stepping back into the normal routine and picks up without losing any steam! This continues with the next release and success of the Animation Renaissance Aladdin in Disney Sing Along Songs Volume 11: Friend Like Me!


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