Today I wanted to talk movie quotes. Oh you know what I mean, those lines that we love and keep quoting years after we’ve seen the movies. Some quotes are famous they become part of our language. May The Force Be With You anyone?


So let me clarify I am not talking speeches, I’ve covered that. This is just a few lines of dialogue which somehow leave an impact. There are lots of great movie quotes involving two people but that is another discussion. But if you’re not what I mean as an example, click HERE



I do have clips of all these sorry for the ads before them. Still worth that to hear these memorable lines again. Ok, my list :



#10. “You’ve Never Seen Me Very Upset” from Mission:Impossible


This one is unique. I love this line, but I have never actually seen the movie. I must have caught it in the ads and just loved the way Cruise said it. The scene plays very serious as Cruise gets angrier and angrier. Wish I could provide better context, but it’s still a great line.





#9.”If you build it…They will come” from Field of Dreams


I love this line, even if it has kind of faded from pop culture. There is just something about the soft whisper in the wind which makes us say “what the hell are they talking about??”. Thankfully Ray (played by Kevin Costner) figures it out in one of my favorite Baseball movies.






#8.”Frankly my dear, I don’t Give a Damn” from Gone With The Wind


Again, never sat through this movie. But this final line is so iconic there is no way you’ve never heaerd it. There is just something about these way Clark Gable says it with total sincerity. The whole final scene is just very good, I imagine the rest of the film was also.






#7.”Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss” from Ferris Bueller


I love this movie and always loved that line. As many have pointed out, Ferris should be a bad guy. And yet we love him. Was it Matthew Broderick’s charm or just the fact that this movie is just a lot of fun? Either way I’ve seen this movie a million times and love it every time.






#6.”When someone asks if you’re a god you say YES!” from Ghostbusters


This movie could be its own list, the number of memorable lines is just astounding. This one is my favorite because I genuinely remember laughing at it when I first saw this movie thirty years ago. It was either this or the line about the staircase, but decided that this one was a little better. Ernie Hudson delivers the line so well how can it not get a laugh?






#5.Next Saturday night, we’re sending you back to the future!” from Back to the Future


I adore this movie and there a million quotes I could have taken from it. This is the one that stands out the best in my mind. It’s gotta be the best example of title dropping ever. Christopher Lloyd sells the whole scene right up to that great line. And yeah the 1.21 Gigawatts thing is pretty funny too.








”My mama always said, life was like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re gonna get” from Forrest Gump


Yeah I liked this movie, it was really well done even if it is dated. This line is simple life philosophy and really can’t even give Tom Hanks the credit for making it memorable. Such a simple and sweet story which works.



So I said Hanks isn’t what made that line memorable. So let’s give him some credit…


“There’s no crying in Baseball!” from A League of Their Own


I LOVE THIS LINE. I have said it many times and heard it said many times. Hey, I am a Red Sox fan. This one line is the perfect quote to say to a buddy who is down because his team lost. Tom Hanks has given dozens of great lines, (Houston we have a problem is another but a three way tie was too much) and these two are my favorite.







#3.”No. Try not. Do. Or Do Not. There is No Try” from Empire Strikes Back


Yeah Star Wars sure has cornered the market on catchphrases. I mean, how many can you name? Why is this one my favorite? I like the message it has, though some would argue that trying does count for something. But when you think about it, you either do it or you don’t. Nicely put.






#2.”You Can’t Handle the Truth” from A Few Good Men


Ah Jack Nicholson. This is almost cheating since right after the line comes a very good speech. But the truth is most people don’t remember the whole speech. They remember this very memorable line. Somehow the line transcended the film and became so memorable that people automatically connect Nicholson with it. I imagine the writer never imagining how popular this simple line would become. That’s the power of Jack Nicholson.





#1.”Toto, have a feeling we’re in Kansas anymore” from The Wizard of OZ


Everyone loves the movie and why not? It’s one of the best children’s movies ever made. There are dozens of lines I could have picked but I chose this one. Why is it such a good line that it is so quoted? I mean the line is just Dorothy acknowledging the obvious, big deal. Well here is what I think. For the viewer, especially if you’re seeing it for the first time, this line comes when Dorothy first arrives at OZ. To go from that bland sepia to the bright colors of OZ is jarring. The audience is just as amazed as Dorothy, and I think that is why the line resonates. It is a perfect example of the character and audience feeling the same thing, and the character is simply saying it out loud for us. And since then this line is the perfect choice when we find ourselves in a bizarre situation.






What no Star Trek? I know I can’t believe it either. And no Disney? Well maybe I can make it its own list. I have a funny feeling there will be a follow up to this article coming my friends because there are dozens of honorable mentions I really want to include.



Comment and let me know your all time favorite movie quotes.

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