Come little into the night,

Silent is something is weak and unneeded,

With soon,

Loudness is the only way to handle oneself.


Little to none,

But that is soon,

Compare what is so soon,

But not at all!


Silent means weakness,

But to that wellness grows in time,

Hyper fact yet not . . .


Oh now,


What has comes in minds,

Would leave some wondering,

Who is sane and not.



But level all one wants to know,

But not at all!


Human mind becomes so small,

Yet larger than one’s space world!


Take notice of something,

Shelter life comes nothing,

But means tiny thoughts of another,

Be that so.


To that,

Is where it ends . . .

Come on soon,

The mind may grow or shrink,

Relies on the owner!


Who are you?

A thinker or a floater,

Come with an answer and be human.


Or something more,

That’s all could ask for.


Be a smart ass,

If you want,

But it takes to be smart and a ass,

Getting my drift,

Oh wise reader?

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