Hey everyone, Chilton here with an actual blog for once. Back when we were on Webs, I planned on doing a Q&A, and while only five people sent questions to me (you know who you are, and thank you), it did have a nice turnout. So without further ado, let’s get to those questions! When did you discover “Madoka Magica”?

I first heard of the anime when I saw JesuOtaku’s review of it. This was a time when I wasn’t interested in anime so I didn’t really think about it that much. A few months ago, Phil Buni talked about it on his show, and that finally sparked my curiosity. I found it on Netflix and ended up watching the entire show in one night. It was only 12 episodes so it wasn’t that hard. Needless to say, I was hooked, and now I’m getting into other animes, including “Soul Eater”, “Attack on Titan”, and “Hellsing Ultimate” (which I’ll talk about eventually).

Who do you think is the most overrated superhero/super villain?

I honestly don’t have one. There is a superhero movie I think is overrated–that being “Hancock”–but as far as characters go, I don’t have one.

As of last year, has there been anything you didn’t get the chance to do, and if so, do you think you can do it before this year is out?

I didn’t get a chance to get “Media Blitz” off the ground, but I’m working on making it bigger and better than the first four videos. I’ve also been trying to catch a convention since there’s a local one called “Fanaticon” in November, so I’m planning on going to it. Next year’s gonna be a different story though.

Kirk or Picard?

Apparently, I really need to watch Star Trek. I guess Picard since Patrick Stewart was Charles Xavier.

Will you go to the Prom with me?

Oh, Kyle, I’d love to, but here’s the thing: I’m short and fat. I’d look terrible in a dress. Like, picture Patrick Star in that episode of SpongeBob where they raise a scallop, but about 10 times more disturbing.

Was there something you think that ended too soon, be it a TV show, comics, etc.?

I think “Ruby Gloom” deserved way more than 40 episodes. It was such an underrated show, and I wish it would’ve aired here in the States. I’d also say “Teen Titans”, but it’s already good as is.

Mary Ann or Ginger?

…I don’t get it…

Tom Baker or Matt Smith?

Whichever one looks less like a hipster. (BOOOOOO!!!)

If you have a favorite color, whatever it is, does it define you as the person you have to be?

Not really. Although, for the record, it’s blue. If it were green, I would…not really care. Colors are awesome.

The Munsters or the Addams Family?

I’m more familiar with Addams, but I honestly never cared for either. But since I want to give an answer, I’ll say…The Wyatt Family. Look em up.

Who’s your favorite pony in MLP?

Fluttershy, hands-down. When I was in high school–heck, even before then–I was a pretty quiet guy, and I still am in real life. Fluttershy is basically me, and I love the fact that I can relate to her. Plus, she’s soooooooooo cute!

In simple wise, black or white?

Anthracite gray.

Could you give some detail information on your icon, please?

This was asked before I changed my icon to the Media Blitz logo, so for those who don’t know, my old icon was the phrase “Yes! Yes! Yes!” in the style of the old “Raw is War” logo from WWE. I’ve been a wrestling fan since 2006, and one of my favorite wrestlers is Daniel Bryan. In 2012, when he was the World Heavyweight Champion, he started using “Yes” as his catchphrase. Eventually, it caught on with the fans as well as other sporting events. So I figured I’d show my loyalty to Bryan by using “Yes” as my icon.

Who’s your favorite witch in Madoka Magica?

Charlotte, but I won’t say why right now since I don’t want to spoil anything until I make a video on the show. Just search it whenever you get the chance.

Justin Beiber or a kick to the nuts with a steel toed boot?

Actually, I prefer Five Finger Death Punch. Both the band and the way I’d like for Beiber to die.


Thanks for reading, everyone, and to those who sent in questions, thanks again!

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