Every moment to hear this name,

Reminds of things that opens gates,

Of imaginations!


Within a paradox,

There is coming a time,

That combines fun stops,

Enough to enjoy what it is,

A paradox that comes in time . . .


That is where these come from,

Small doses from who carries,

On the fun,

Not as crash course as others,

But when does so,

It is worth it.


TimeParadox does it,

And well,

With a heart that be like the TARDIS,

Not what you think it is,

Until you step inside and a whole new world,

Is there for you!



I went there,

Someone who isn’t a fan of Dr. Who,

Made a shot at it,

And said it is not as good as,

TimeParadox who catches more of a finer thing . . .


Different people have different strokes,

And he has it,

Find what he can do,

And enjoy what he gives.

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