Oh are we going to have some fun today my friends! I have touched upon this here and there but never really explored this fantastic PSA series which aired on ABC in the 70’s and 80’s. ANYONE who was a kid during then knows about these, I don’t care who you are or how much you pretend otherwise. And yes I know ABC and Disney re-ran these through the 90’s so I am sure most here are familiar with these. Of course I am talking about:


The series began in 1973 and covered included grammar, science, economics, history, mathematics, and civics. What makes these so memorable and timeless is the method used to teach these things. Quirky music videos with memorable lyrics you will never get out of your head!

Before I begin the list, let’s here that opening tune!

Now this is all just opinion, these are my personal favorite episodes




This gets the top spot because while the song is memorable…I am not sure if it’s really good. The song is about, well, electricity! It is clever and well done for a subject matter that really isn’t very interesting. In fact when the narrator discusses how electricity works even at my age I’m going HUH?




#9.Lucky Seven Samson


Let’s talk Math Rock. These of course taught math and in my opinion were not as good as the others. But some stand out. I liked this because…well I like yhe rabbit character.  3 Is A Magic Number appears on many lists but man is that boring to me.





#8.Mother Necessity


There is something about this one which just makes it stand out. Everyone remembers this one. In fact after watching all these again this was the one was stuck in my head the next day. The song is about how inventions like the cotton gin,  the airplane, and the light bulb keep making this country better. How much would I love to see a modern version of this song about the stuff we have today like smart phones?





#7.Figure Eight


Is it weird that Figure Eight is #7? Anyway, this is a really soft but lovely song about the #8. The performer was Blossom Dearie. She did a few of these including Mother Necessity and another which appears further down on the list. This is a bit of a departure for these since the song is much more somber. But I think it works. Naughty Number Nine usually appears on most peoples list but…. nah not for me.




#6.Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here


I can’t decide if this song is catchy or really annoying. Well, either way it sure is memorable. The setup is that this person can buy adverbs from a store. And that’s it, there’s your premise. Enough said. I like how they talk about adjectives can be turned into adverbs, nice.






#5.conjunction junction


Why is this #5? Honestly this was never one I remembered well. But everyone else seems to love it! So when I saw it again…yeah, I get it. Man is that a catchy melody! Set at a train station they use the trains coming together to demonstrate how conjunctions join sentences together. VERY memorable and catchy tune sells this. It’s amazing because conjunctions are not very interesting, but given the right tune and it’s one of the most famous of these.







The interjection song is catchy too. This is also one of the few songs that actually makes sense, it doesn’t have people doing weird things to make their point. It shows people doing real life things and shouting about it.  Cool.






#3.Unpacking My Adjectives


So a few years I had purchased the DVD set of these which came out for the anniversary. Was watching it with the wife, when we got this one. I had totally forgotten it. Then it played…and wow! Suddenly I was a kid again. Yeah it’s a soft little melody of a little girl “unpacking her adjectives”. Not the best but harmless and I like it. And yes that is Blossom Dearie once again.





#2.I’m Just A Bill


I would be willing to be bet if anyone did a list like this, this song would be high on it. It does so much well! It gives a memorable character, it simply teaches something which can be kind of complicated, and the song is just so freaking memorable! What else can I say, is there anyone who has never heard of this one?





#1.The Great American Melting pot


Why is this #1 on my list? I am not saying it’s the best one out of all of them but it still tops my list. The reason is simple. This song stuck in my head more than any other. I don’t know why, but when I think Schoolhouse Rock this is almost always the first thing to come to mind. The song is obviously about how we are a country full of different races. Not only is it a good song, but it’s a lesson that many people still seem to forget.



The worst one? Maybe The Preamble. Man is that boring. The one’s for nouns kind of sucked. But for the most part they all hit.




Finally…..One to Grow On
Before I go there is one last thing I HAVE to talk about. Because it’s one of those things that brings me back to my childhood instantly. ABC had Schoolhouse Rock and while I was growing up, NBC had One to Grow On. I loved these PSA’s!

Now am I saying these are better than Rock? Heck no! I could never create a list like this with these PSA’S. Still they were fun. While Rock taught lessons in grammar, math, and history One to Grow On was more life lessons such as behave, don’t lie, don’t allow strangers in your home, don’t play with matches….etc. The best part was virtually everyone on NBC in the 80’s did at least one.  Yeah they could be corny and cheesy but they were airing on Saturday mornings! I promise I will not discuss these again since I had mentioned them before but I am also going to share a link with one so you can see what I am talking about. They were cancelled to make way for The More You Know (which is still going on and deserves it’s own article!).

There are plenty on YouTube, so put your nostalgia glasses on. I could watch these all day. CHECK IT OUT HERE




That’s it for now my friends hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. So what do you say next time I talk about Sesame Street songs?





By the way guys, round of applause! This blog was so much easier to post! Think I may like the new site. Spell check? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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