jashykins is like Sarah Connor...only better.

“Look at me: I ain’t that popular. I’m hardly recognized.”
-Jashykins, Manic Expression: Creative Chaos
Hardly recognized, huh? Well why don’t we do something about that.
I’ve know Jash since NetDwellers. She was actually the first blogger friend I made outside TGWTG. We shared a love for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and I found her an easy person to talk to. When Manic Expression started, I knew I wanted her here.
I’ve always found Jash to be a really down to earth, sweet person. I loved her interview in Creative Chaos, and her blogs are some of the best written on the site. When I asked her to be in charge of our social media she quite happily said yes (I’ll have more work for you on that front as soon as we move off Webs). Jash is just a really fun, cool person.
She’s also totally obsessive about what she loves, and that is what I dig about her the most. Many people claim to be nerds, it’s a common word thrown around a lot lately. But when Jashykins loves something, she commits to it. I understand that completely. I love Genesis, and so I had to own every song the band ever did, right down to the most hard to find, obscure b-side. I’m obsessive about my DVD collection, so much so that I own such movie travesties as Batman & Robin, Exorcist 2, and Man-Thing, simply because I’m a completist.
I disagree with Jash that she isn’t popular – everyone here on this site that I know loves her to death. However, what’s interesting is that she thinks she isn’t popular, and yet she keeps going. She’s one of the most frequent contributors to the site we have. And why does she continue if she doesn’t feel she’s popular?
“I put a lot of heart into what I do because I like what I do.”
That was the explanation she gave in Creative Chaos, and again, I get that about her. A while back I interviewed a web designer for the job of moving us off Webs. He didn’t understand the concept of Manic Expression. He kept referring to you guys as my “customers.” He kept trying to figure out ways for me to get rich through you. There’s a reason he didn’t get the job – he didn’t get us.
Manic Expression is full of people who aren’t the most popular bloggers, producers, and podcasters on the Internet, and that’s okay. If you’re writing blogs in the hopes of becoming rich and famous than you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons. It has to start with the love of writing, the thrill you get from seeing your friends have commented, the spark of creativity that leads you to lie awake at night with a million ideas fighting to be next in line. You have to do it because you love it.
Jash loves to write, and we all love her. Always remember, my friend – you’re popular here.

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