On Episode 6, Tanner reviews the Morgan Aero Supersports, Michelle Rodriguez is fast and furious in a Suzuki, and the guys find out what is the best way to travel from Miami to Key West.

Warning: Spoilers are in the review.

Segment 1: Tanner reviews the Morgan Aero Supersports

Morgan Aero Supersports

Tanner goes to England to find out why people would wait two years to own a British sports car made from wood. Tanner tests the Morgan Aero Supersports in a small English town. Morgan is one of a few British car makers not owned by a foreign car company. Morgan is known for its retro styling and using wood to make its cars. Tanner says that if Al Capone was alive, this would be the car he would be driving. Morgan has been around since 1911. The Aero Supersports has an aluminum chassis and a wooden body frame. Under the hood is a BMW 4.8L V8 engine.  Tanner complains how the Brits drive on the wrong side of the road. Tanner comments how smooth the Morgan drives on the British roads and how good the suspension is. Tanner goes to Bruntingthorpe Proving Grounds to test the performance of the Morgan. Tanner unleashes the 376 hp on 2 miles of runway. The Morgan was twitchy and unpredictable in the corners. Tanner tries to see how close he can get to the Morgan’s top speed of 170 mph in 2 miles. Tanner got it up to 162 mph. The front end became unstable at high speeds. Morgan makes 600 cars a year and only 200 Morgans Aero Supersports will be made. The waiting period to buy one is 2 years and the cost is $150,000-$200,000. Tanner says the Morgan is a gentleman’s sports car and buying one is like buying a piece of history. Tanner says the car is meant for cruising, not for racing. There will only be 1 Aero Supersports in the United States.

Segment 2: Finding the best mode of transportation from Miami to Key West

Cessna 206 Sea Plane
Donzi Marine 38 ZR competition

Lotus Evora

The guys try to find out if it is quicker to get from Miami to Key West on land, air, or sea. Adam will be driving a Lotus Evora. Tanner will be riding in a Cessna 206 Sea Plane. Rutledge will be riding in a Donzi Marine 38 ZR Competition. Speedboat. First one to reach the most southern point of the United States win. The race starts as Rutledge gets into the boat and Adam drive off. Tanner has to wait 20 minutes for a taxi to get to Watson Island to get to his plane. Each person talks about his transportation. Adam gets pulled over by a cop for speeding in a 50 mph zone. Rutledge finally gets out of the no wake zone and the boat can unleash its two 700 hp engines without worrying about speed limits. Adam gets slowed by traffic. After 2 hours, Tanner finally reaches the sea base and takes of in the sea plane.

Segment 3: The News

Camaro Neiman Marcus Edition

First up is the GM special edition of the Camaro SS. It will be the Neiman Marcus Edition with all 100 cars being sold in 3 minutes. Each car will cost $75,000 dollars. Rutledge then reads a few Craiglist ad about cars.

Tanner then says that it is time to reward the Stig with a gift. They give Stig a one-of-a-kind Lamborghini and let him take it around the track. The Lamborghini is a tractor and the Stig goes around the test track in the Lamborghini in 5:22.

Segment 4: Michelle Rodriguez is the Big Star in a Small Car

Michelle Rodriguez

It is Michelle Rodriguez’s turn to be the Big Star in a Small Car. She gets interviewed by Adam. The first item is that Michelle got her driver’s license for the Fast and the Furious. She confesses that she owns a Prius just to keep the cops off her. She says that her points are going down so she could buy a sports car soon. Adam brings up Michelle’s Nissan history. Adam brings up Avatar. Michelle’s lap is shown and she does a wet lap in  1:55.2.

Segment 5: The Florida Race Finale

The show returns to the Florida race. Tanner is catching up to the other twos. The boat has to refuel. Adam reaches Marathon, the start of the 7 mile bridge and Adam is only 50 miles from the finish point. Rutledge starts getting sea sick but the boat passes Adams and then the plane passes Rutledge. Tanner lands three miles away from the finish and has to rent a scooter to reach the finish. Rutledge reaches the shore and had to travel a mile in a taxi to reach the finish. Adam barely beats Tanner to the finish point. Rutledge finished last. To end the show, the Stigs takes the Evora around a wet track in 1:28.4.

Overall, this was an entertaining show. Top Gear UK did something just like what the guys did. The Top Gear UK hosts each took a different mode of transportation to get through London. For Top Gear US, the race was close and entertaining. The Rodriguez segment was less than spectacular. The Morgan segment was decent. This was a good episode, just not as good as the second or third episode.

Final Verdict: 7 Stigs out of 10. Episode is available at www.history.com


Originally written on July 22, 2011

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