The Transformers franchise has featured many cool vehicles as disguises for the robots. But there have been a few cars that should never have been used as disguises. These are the 10 worst cars featured in Transformers.

(Disclaimers: One car per brand. Earth cars only. No service or military vehicles.)

10. Porsche 924 (Transformers G1: Autobot Cliffjumper)

Porsche and Volkswagen collaborated on making a entry-level, front-engine sports car for Volkswagen, called the 425, using a VW I4 engine. However, Volkswagen pulled out of the project. Porsche released the car and called it the Porsche 924. Porsche kept the VWI4 engine instead of using a Porsche engine. The I4 used in the 924 produced 125 hp and the 924 was one of the slowest Porsches ever made. Car and Driver criticized the brake system of the 924, stating that the 924 brakes where a step back from the the Porsche 914 brakes. The styling of the 924 keeps it from being  lower on the list.

9. Hummer H2 (Transformers Live Films: Autobot Ratcher)

I have a few issues with the Hummer H2. One, it is an expensive Chevrolet Suburban. Two, a majority of Hummer H2 owners bought this car because they were compensating for something. The Hummer H1 was based on a military car and was a cool car. The H2 is just a monster on the road.

8. GMC C4500 (Transformers Live Films: Autobot Ironhide)

I am not a big fan of pickup trucks. The GMC Topkik C4500 has 300 hp and 520 lb-ft of torque, but its 0-60 mph time is 14.4 seconds and its top speed is 75 mph. A Toyota Prius could beat this car in a drag race. Prices for these trucks start at $70,000. Not only is the C4500 slow, but it is also expensive. The two exhaust pipes are a huge plus and keep the GMC Kickback C4500 at the 8th spot on this list.

7. Jeep Wrangler CJ-7 (Transformers G1: Autobot Rollbar)

A very popular car for off-road activities. The CJ-7 had an array of issues. Its carburetor was erratic and could cause the car to stall when slowing down or stopping. The engine would catch fire. The car had electrical problems. With the Jeep Wrangler CJ-7, just expect every problem. The off-road capability keeps it from going lower on the list.

6. Scion xB (Transformers Animated: Decepticon Soundwave)

This car is just a box on wheels. It is slow, underpowered, and marketed for young drivers. City cars are known for being underpowered and slow, but they are suppose to get good gas mileage. The Scion xB does not get good gas mileage. The only reason why the Scion xB is at the 6th spot because it has better styling than the top five entries on this worst list.

5. Honda City Turbo (Transformers G1: Autobot Skids)



If there is one type of car I hate, it is the slow, underpowered subcompact/city car. The turbo version of the Honda City has good acceleration for 1980s standards, but it still has a low top speed. Also, I also hate the styling of this car.

4. Volkswagen Bettle (Transformers G1: Autobot Bumblebee and Autobot Goldbug)

The Volkswagen Beetle had a list of problems. The electrical system had flawed wiring, front seat belts were poorly anchored, suspension had to be fixed, some Beetles had the front bumper omitted, the master cylinder was poorly installed. The Beetle was also underpowered and slow. The Beetle had better styling than the number 2 entry, landing the Beetle at the number 3 slot.

3. Nissan Vanette (Transformers G1: Autobot Ironhide and Autobot Ratchet)

The Nissan Vanette is a slow, underpower van. I am not a big fan of vans. The Vanette was just ugly. Those reasons make the Vanette the thrid worst car used by the Transformers franchise.

2. Pontiac Fiero (Transformers G1: Punch/Counterpunch)

The Pontiac Fiero is the only car from GM to have the engine located in the rear-middle of the car. During its lifetime, it had a few problems. The engine was known to catch fire and the cooling system had its own issues. The Fiero was also slow and underpowered, but it was a quick car. The engine and cooling system issues put the Fiero at number 2 on this list.

1. Chevrolet Beat and Trax (Transformers Live Film: Autobot Skids and Mudflap)

Skids on the left and Mudflap on the right

I was going to use the Chevrolet Volt here, but it did not get the screen time that the Beat and Trax got. Both Mudflap and Skids were just plain annoying. I could not stand those two and just made the second Transformers even worse. The Beat and Trax were not sold in the American market, but these two Chevrolets remind me of a horrendous car, the Chevrolet Aveo. The Aveo is one of the worst cars on the American roads. Chevrolet did a poll with the Beat, Trax, and Grooves, and the Beat won. Chevrolet put the Beat into production. The Beat is slow, sluggish, and underpowered. Chevrolet has never had a decent subcompact car. Besides, the Trax is not being made and the Beat will be sold in America as the Spark starting in 2012. Why Michael Bay had to feature these two cars, I have no idea.


Originally writeen on June 27, 2011

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