The year is 2000. Gladiator, Cast Away, Toy Story 2, and X-Men were released in theaters. Malcolm in the Middle, Survivor, Strong Medicine, and Jackass debuted on TV. The 90’s were over and the 21st century had arrived. As you recall from my last article “90’s Nickelodeon: Classic or Overrated?”, the people who grew up with the 90’s hated the shows that were coming out in the 2000’s. The majority of their favorite shows were all gone and were replaced by new ones. They felt that the shows that Nickelodeon were releasing was pure garbage and that the creativity that the network once had was lost.

With that said, a new generation was tuning in to Nickelodeon seeing all the new shows they were debuting. The first show that came out was a reboot from a classic Nickelodeon show from 80’s. The game show that put Nickelodeon on the map as the #1 kids’ network. The reboot was none other than Double Dare 2000 which debuted January 24, 2000.

The show was about a group of two teams consisting of a family doing obstacle courses in order to win prizes. The teams would then answer questions to gain control and earn money. If they didn’t know the answer or if they thought that the other team doesn’t know it, they can dare them for double the dollars. If that team didn’t know, they could double dare them back for 4 times the amount of money. After that, the first team would either answer it or take the physical challenge. The team who would have the most money would compete in the obstacle course and win various prizes.

The host was not Marc Summers, but Jason Harris. I have to say that while he was energetic, he was no Marc Summers. His presence was a bit out there and sometimes a little bit annoying. But trust me, he is a saint compared to Skip Lackey from Think Fast! However, it’s not the same.

There were some new things implicated in the show such as The Triple Dare Challenge. Around the 2nd round, if the family wanted to, they could do the challenge to win an additional $300. Whether it would be to score another ball in their goal, make an additional pizza, or throw 2 more rings, the challenge was certainly the make or break for who would go into the obstacle.

So yeah, it sounds great, right? I mean, it’s just like the original Double Dare, the show we loved as kids, but for a new generation. It’s going to be a big hit! Wrong! The show only lasted for 10 months until it was cancelled on November 10, 2000. Overall when looking back, Double Dare 2000 was basically a watered down version of the original. It played it safe and didn’t add anything new to the table with the exception of Jason Harris as the host and The Triple Dare Challenge. However, those two new aspects broke the show for a lot of people. They thought that Jason Harris didn’t hold a candle to Marc Summers, which I agree 100% on, and The Triple Dare Challenge was a poor edition to the format of the show. Other than that, I would recommend watching the original Double Dare as oppose to this one. This reboot is a definite skip.

That’s all for now. Hope to see you around Old School Lane soon. Thanks for reading.



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