Some animated characters have very unique personalities. There is something about the fact that it’s a cartoon that people think we will not notice the very abnormal personality traits. I mean, Woody Woodpecker is a trouble maker, Casper is way to interested in being liked by everyone. So, just for laughs I thought I pick five animated character and discuss the more bizarre parts of their personality, aspects that would have then on a Psychiatrists couch if they were real people.


Heat Miser (Year Without a Santa Claus)


I never understood this guy. He complains that his brother, the snow miser, gets all the love and attention at Christmas time. The reason is that at Christmas people dream of snow and horse drawn carriages and all that cool stuff. Ok, but what about the rest of the year? Don’t a lot of people curse the snow, and do everything they can to escape it? Don’t many people flee the cold and snow for warmer climates? Isn’t summer generally the favorite time of year because of the warm weather and long days? This guy can’t give his brother a month to be the center of attention, he will get plenty the rest of the year? And ever notice how snow miser agrees to the deal Mrs.Clause presents, but it’s Heat Miser who refuses? I guess this is classic sibling rivalry, which doesn’t help that he is such a hot head



Michael “Mike” Wazowski (Monsters Inc)


I loved this guy, it’s amazing how a little monster with one eye could be so charming. Of course, a large part of that was Billy Crystal doing the voice. This character is also a fascinating one, he is so self centered just not in a bad way. He doesn’t care that half is face is cut off the magazine cover, all he sees is that he is on a magazine. Subsequently, when Sully is working to save Boo and find out what is going, Mike is still obsessed with the record they were trying to break. When Sully points that out that doesn’t matter anymore, Mike is aghast! How can that be? Something else is more important? Of course he figures this out eventually and winds up helping Sully save Boo. But Mike is totally fascinating as a character, he just can’t see the big picture.



Cinderella (Cinderella)


I can understand the complaints people have over this character. She is so weak, really. First of all, why can’t she stand up to her step-mother? I could understand it if her father were still around, that would make perfect sense, but he’s not so what’s the problem? Yes, I know this was a different time and all that. Her worst character trait is that she believes all you have to do is wish for something and it will come true. I mean, the mice and birds do more work than she does (the scene where they make the dress is one of my favorite Disney scenes ever). It may even be one of the reasons why Cinderella III wasn’t so bad, because that movie removed the happy ending and she, as well as the prince, has to work to get to their “happy ever after”. Just for the record, I always loved the movie its one of my favorites, but I totally get the criticism.



Timon (The Lion King)


It’s amazing how the right voice actor can make an obnoxious character likeable and charming. That’s what happens here. Timon is only worried about himself, and when Simba comes around the only reason Timon is nice is so that he can use him later. Timon is that friend you had as a kid who would pick on you and treat you like crap, and yet you put up with him anyway. His whole philosophy of life is Hakuma Matata, which means “hey, why should we care about anything besides ourselves?” Thankfully there is Pumbaa, who is the heart of the duo. The only problem with Pumbaa is he is more insecure, so Timon walks all over him. I give Nathan Lane credit, he is so charming that you forget that Timon is one very selfish meercat.


Yogi Bear


Am I the only one who never liked this character? Exactly what made him charming? He was a compulsive eater, and a kleptomaniac. He saw a picnic basket and had to steal it. He would run around Jellystone Park causing trouble, harassing the people, and we were supposed to think Ranger Smith was the bad guy? Boo Boo was the voice of reason, he was there to try to explain why Yogi shouldn’t do, whatever he was doing. Yogi also has a bit of an overinflated ego, he thought he was so much smarter than others. “I’m smarter than the average bear!”. I was never a huge fan of Yogi, although I did see his Christmas special a lot growing up.


This was all just for fun,  and if you’re wondering why I brought up heat miser in the middle of Jan, it’s because I have been trying to get this out forever. Hope you enjoyed it.

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