Ideas come in small sizes these days. Unable to write. For the hardest time to write, for someone like me, is when emotions come to play.

I can’t think that way. Thou, some would call it heartless. In some ways. It is.

Everything has to be blank. In order to be filled it something. No rational thought should be needed for something like this.

Many other writers of some kind, will get inspired by something. But that requires emoting to be inspired. Not just looking at it, shrugging, blanking out on forgetting it, upon later finding something on your desk about that damn thing not long later.

Hitting the deep end to just do a rant. Is an all time low. Despite is all, it will soon be over.

Have the mind clear a bit. Forget and see where it takes us.

I’m hoping out this dark pit of moping.

Next write, will hopefully be better. But I wouldn’t hold up to it.

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