Issued 67

I was close to one before Parkland decided to turn in for the ripest of the evening  she was tired and she knew her grandmother, her aunt and, and  uncle had big plans for the next day. However just as she entered her room she quickly notice Ruffton sitting on the edge of her bed and directly in a let’s get down to business matter.


“You better have a good reason being in my room,” Parkland said coldly while closing the door behind her.


“This is not our home and this is not you room  so all throws so call you have pastier at home does not count here.”


“My rules count everywhere,” said Parkland while folding her arm and glaring at older brother. “Well you’re here so what do you want?”


Ruffton give Parkland a stern look before saying, “How long did you know?” while Parkland’s faces soften and she lean her back on the wall.


“Almost from the moment I set eyes on her,” said Parkland, You?”


“Yesterday when we were sitting in the dinner table,” Ruffton replied, “Not for nothing but you now dam well grandma never let anyone cook her food let alone let anyone near the kitchen stove.”


Parkland smile, “Remember what happen when mommy tired to cook rich on in grandma stove?”



“I how can I. The whole family had to get between them to stop them form tearing each other apart. Never knew that Spanish Moms take crooking so seriously until that day.


“Humm,” Parkland said under her breath.


“Zam knows about it too,”-


-“Uncle must have told him doing while they were in the living room.”


-“I don’t think so,” said Ruffton. “Before coming up to see you he told me that he know that grandma is not well and he will do his best to be a good boy.”


“Parkland smile,” It just shows that we young people are smarter than parents give us credit for.” Ruffton give a half smile. And speaking of which”-


-“Yes I am angry at theme for not telling us and will have a nice talk with them once we return home.”


“Don’t turn it into a heated argument, I am sure it was just as hard  for mommy and daddy keeping this form use then we might know.”


Ruffton raise an eye brow,“ you honestly believe that?”


“No,” Said Parkland, “in my opinion mom and dad was selfish for not telling us.”


“I thought so,” Ruffton said with a smile. “So what’s happen now?


“Nothing,” Parkland said coldly, we spin the rest of the time with grandma and tried to enjoy ourselves with the rest of the family. it’s the only thing we can do.”


“-And you are fine with that?”


“-I’m not going to baby her, Ruffton, you saw how upset she as by have a nurse looking o r shoulder; making sure  she dose do anything that could make her ill. How do you think she will act if we end up doing the same thing?”


“Point well made,” said Ruffton as he rose from the edge of the bed and walked over toward Parkland. “But you have to admit our stay will be a whole lot different from her out.”



“We’ll manage,” Parkland said as she walk over to the door and hold it in a way switch told her older brother to get out.


Ruffton smile but whispered “good night me lady,” before walking out of the room.


By Jockerlee 77

Co Writer T-Kun U.W.III

2012-2014  Manic

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