Issued 66

“- Your grandmother had enough of the not informing you guy of her condition. And after seeing the somewhat unhappy expression that was writing all over Ruffton’ face,  that it was time to set the record straight as to why you haven’t been able to see Nana three past three years.”



“I know,’ said Parkland I hard you and Grandma auguring over the matter last night in the kitchen.”


“-And I bet you did your own investigation afterword did you?


Parkland did not give a responds but look at her uncle and ask the question which mad her hands tremble slightly. “How long dose grandma has?”


Uncle Jesus gives a soft laugh, “Nana is not dying. She just can’t do the thing she is use doing. As long as she keep taking her meds as well as sticking to her diet she’ll be round for a very long time.” he then place his finger on parkland, chin so that way she could look at him eye to eye  to show he was speaking the truth. “Understand?”


Parkland tried to look away for seeing her Uncle face it was not that she did not believe him Parkland did not wanted him to see the tears that was trickling down her cheek. Parkland never likes to show her true emotion to anyone including her family. Yet on this night she had found it hard to do so. Not wanting to look at her uncle face anyone she just nodded and then movie away from him; looking blankly at the dark skies.


Uncle Jesus rose his feet, but before he went back to the house he give one last look at his nice and told her if you wise to talk  to him or her ant  about anything than place do so.


“I’ll be fine,” Parkland said coldly not looking at him.


Uncle Jesus smile at her nice before going back in the house.  Parkland was alone for only ten minutes before she had scent someone standing behind her. Looking over her shoulder she quickly notice her looking brother Zam standing between the door enters one half of his in the house while the other was out the door.  And he stared to his sister worriedly not sure as to whether or not to approach her.


Parkland on the other hand did not say a word to her little brother which was somewhat surprising to Zam who was sure his sister was going asks him what do you want! Or can’t you see I’m busy in her usual boss like matter. Yet none of that happen she only look at him briefly before turning her attention elsewhere. This worried Zam to the point he had ask his sister if he mine if he sat next to her for a while.


“If you want to,” She said in a low tone.


Vary slowly Zam made his way towards Parkland and a few second standing next to her Zam sat do sat down on next to her and place his hands on his chin while staring at the sky.


“Beach Island is a whole lot different than Park Slope,” Zam said


“Hun—ho yes it is different. A little too different if for you ask me


“You don’t like Beach Island?”


“Beach Island is okay, Parkland replied,” “nice and quiet, but am a city girl and a city girl needs a little nose now and then. Pulse I am not too happy of transportation round this town.


“I Know, auntie had to drive thirteen long blocks just to go to a nearby store.”


“Make you happy that Park Slope has a store at almost every corner.”


“Yep” Zam Said Happy.”


For a while both brother and sister did say anything to each other that was untie Parkland ask Zam what was grandma was doing while he was in the house.


“Grandma was telling use some old story she use to tell use when she use to live near use.” Zam said.


“Did she Told the story about the Knight and his fluke?”


“Yes it was mine favorite one,”  Zam replied happily  as he notice his sister smiling one he mention one of the stories she was tell in the leaving room.


Zam rose to his feet but before her walking  back into the house he give his big sister a hung and then kiss her on the cheek which  resulted in Parkland giving her kid brother a odd ward stair.

“What was that for?” Parkland asks


“I just thought you need it.”  Zam replied before running back into the house.


Parkland smile at her kid brother as he disappear into the living room he was right she did needed  something to make feel a little better and in a staring  yet comforting way his little brother had done it.


“Brothers,” Parkland happily said under her breath as she rose to her and walk inside the house.


by Jockerlee 77

Co writer T Kun U.W.III

2012-2014  Manic

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