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The Monskey’s children had spin most of their first day with their ant and uncle as well as their cousin who was over joy to see them. Richard was vary four year old Richard was very talkative and had spine a good time with sharing his toy with both Zam and Parkland who had to remind herself how overexcited Richard can sometime get and how she had to calm him down a b it before he does something which might cause him to accidently hunt himself by jumping off the dresses or place things in his mouth. Yes Richard can be a bit of a handful, but Parkland was more than ready for the challenge.


The rest of the night was just the same. The family return to here grandmother who was in the kitchen talking to someone who’s voce nether Parkland of Ruffton haven’t recognize. When they entered the kitchen they saw a small slim dark skin woman with brown eyes and a mo on the life side of her check  she spoke on a  Spanish accent witch told  both Parkland and Ruffton right away the woman was Cubin. Both she and their grandmother were taking happily when the woman spotted them and greeted then by saying hello in Spanish.


“There you are and not a minute to soon. Dinner almost ready,” their Grandmother said happy while placing her hands on the shoulders her two oldest grand children.


Parkland was a bit taken on how unsteady her grandmother’s hand was when she’d touch her shoulder. She was also taken by the woman who was standing over the food that was cooking on top of the stove. Parkland knew her grandmother well. She knew for all the argument she had had with her mother that she does not allow anyone to cook inside her kitchen let alone a stranger. So the fact that this woman Parkland knew nothing about told her right away that something was off.


“What’s for dinner, Grandma?” Parkland asks in Spanish for she had decided to keep to herself until she had pace all clues together.


“Spanish rice, plantains, and shake and bank chicken.” Her Grandmother said happily while escorting her grandchildren out of the kitchen.


“I let you know when you food is ready Miss. Angora,” said the woman who was still looking over the food that was still cooking on stove.


Parkland frowned when the woman mad those comment. As she and her two brothers made that entered the living-room, Ruffton walked over toward Parkland’s and whispered, “is that woman in the kitchen the house keeper?” as they  both approach the sofa.


“No,” Parkland said coolly for she had noticed a small name tag that was hanging on the woman’s key chain, “she is a nurse.”


Parkland Monskey had to admit; tonight dinner was. And yet Parkland felt a little guilty for liking it. She knew just by the flavor that her grandmother did not fully prepared the meal. Yet there where spices in the chicken as well as in the rice which give it a that flavor she had never tested before. Ruffton also notice the changes in flavor, and had asked if she had done something new to the rice and chicken.

“Carman had added some new spices to some of you grandmother home cook meals, “their rand mother had said with a bit of resentment as Carman, the nurse had sat down right nixes to her. A resentment Parkland right away her grandmother had very little to say on what ingredients was put in her food.


Again parkland did not say anything on the matter. Instead she would continue to let her eyes answered the question for her. And boy did it. For notice while talking with her as well as the rest of the family, she observed her grandmother have trouble bettering her toss to the point where Carman had to better it for her. The same happen when it came to pouring Kool-Aid in a cup. She also notes her grandmother’s hand was shaking worse than ever. And by looking at her grandmother’s facial expression Parkland could tell she was somewhat embarrass that she not able to do these simple task especially in fort of them.


Form the corner of Parkland’s eye she could tell right away that her uncle was staring at her but she did at look at him or ask her grandmother if everything was okay. Instead she just keep the conversation friendly; asking her aunt and uncle like it better living in Beach Island then Houston.


“Well it surprisingly warmer then Texas. “Aunt Lilly said, the people are more lay back.


“I don’t like it,” Richard said in a sneaky voce.“Too much sand and it never show. And it rains—a lot.”


The rain is something I can deal with,” Carman said while placing a napkin on her lap. “It’s the other storms you have to worry about.”


“Dose this places get a lot of them?” asks Ruffton, “Hurricanes and Tornados I mean?”


“We do have them from time to,” said Carman, “and we do have a special storm watch when a major.”


-And if I may add this Island didn’t have any major of those in quite some time. Parkland Grandmother said while looking at Parkland face who had a dead pan expression.


“Let’s hope it stay that way,” Jesus added


By Jockerlee 77


Co Writer T-Kun U.W III


2012-2014 manic

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