Want to go into the Wild West,

Get the history that made all happen,

Into making this day come true!


In the Wild West,

There might not be a lot of things to know about,

I would say,

That is far from the truth,

As there is one cowboy,

With a heart a gold,

And hat just as big.


Round up your horses,

Gather the cattle,

And pack up,

BigBlackHatMan is here to teach you,

About e’ old west!


Through the old times,

Of how young America became,

Beyond the trials,

The blood,

The sweat,

And the bullets and cusses filled the air,

Forming this land!


Here it proudly and quick,

For BigBlackHatMan,

Is just as like the old fables,

That goes swiftly into that sunset,

Passing by,

And rousing the dust high,


Never to be seen again.

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