After repeating the name on throws medicines bottle again and again in her head, Parkland had decided to goggle throw the names and the medicine dose first thing in the morning. Not that it really miens much for she pretty much knew why her grandmother was taking them.


Using her Iphone Parkland Monskey had taken care of all her resources before anyone had woken up in the house. Once that was done she showered and joins the rest of the family who up and was in deep conversation in the dining room.


“You just in time,” Uncle Jesus said as he rose from his chair and approach his nice. I was just about fetch you.”


“Morning Uncle,” Parkland replied while kissing him on the cheek.


“Breakfast was good. And so was the conversation. And after breakfast the family had travel the other side of town where took in an early matinee as while as take the scenery of a small but beautiful sight of the small town they had encounter. Parkland Brother was more in arr then she was but she was glad to see with Beach Island had to offer. Not to mention how everyone live or work here seem to take their time rather the rush from point a, to point b.


Parkland didn’t mine this kind of change, and neither did her brothers. For every person they came in context with was talkative and friendly. Most of the colorful neighborhoods knew their grandmother by name, while just took the time to say hello as well as ask if everything was well them.


When the people Comments of, “Welcome to Beach Island!” Parkland and her brothers knew that it indicating the native knew they’re not form around here.  In all everyone was having a good time; going to the movies, heading to the west shore county to visited Oak Cut Museum. A place where it give countless detail as the history of  the Island, who found it as well as all the famous people  live here. They ate out, and after spine the rest of the evening with both family and friends inside their grandmother’s home.


At first Parkland was really involve with the festivity and was evening engaging in a conversation with her aunt, Lilly who she never had a good change talk to her scents her arrival. Parkland loves her aunt and could not wait to mention how much Park Slope had change over the years. Parkland keeps it friendly, and did not mention anything of what she knows about her grandmother health.



Hours had pass, and while the rest of the family was still talking and enjoying each other inside the house, Parkland Monskey was sitting alone on the backyard porch.  She was lost in thought. The only sound she was paying attention to at that time was the cold wind hit her face as well as the the sound of the ocean waves hitting the score line. She was so deep in thought a wave of emotion had stated to show all over her face. She was worried for her grandmother who was not in good health.  She also became teary eyed at the thought this maybe the last time she as well as her brothers may spend some real time with her. And finally she glared angrily at the black sky wonder why her parent keeping what had happen to grandma form them.  All of these thoughts had started to safest and yet Parkland just closes her eyes, took a slow deep breath, and then slowly breathes it out while looking blankly at the black sky.


Ten minutes had pass and Jesus had step outside the fort pouch and sat next to his  nice who  kiss him on the cheek and ask if they the party still going on.


“It is with the exception of you,” said Jesus. “You Okay?”


“Somewhat,” Parkland replied,” On the outside I’m fine but on the inside.” She stop short of what she was about to say. And he uncle knew form Parkland tone of voice that the conversation they are about to have.


“When did grandma have her attack?” Parkland asks her uncle coldly while staring blankly at the ground.


Uncle Jesus had not answered her right away which did not made Parkland any happier. Did her family still thing she was a little girl who can’t handle the fact her grandmother is not well. Will anyone in her family will treat more like an adult and not a kid. Her seem to had scent she was not please with the long silent he was giving and in turn  he came straight forward as to what had  happen.

By Jockerlee 77

Co Writer T-Kun U.M.III


2012-2014  Manic


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