Issued 62


After she had unpacking her thing Parkland had lift the room and decided tour the house as well as checking up on her grandmother just to see if she was alright. Pass the room where her two brothers were still packing there thing, she made her way to the room where she believe her grandmothers’ believing she was inside shed knocked on the door but when she did not get a responds she simple went down stairs and into the kitchen where her grandmother as well as her uncle was in the kitchen with Carman and in a weather deep heated conversation when some-what had to do with her and her brother.


The argument was clear. Her grandmother did not want to keep her condition from her grandchildren any longer. And felt it was foolish of anyone including in her own family to keep what had happen to her a secret.  And that she thank her daughter was foolish for not mentioning anything to her children for three whole years.  Now there are here not aware as to her condition or the huge change she had to her lifestyle. She can some-what understand how difficult it would have been if to tell her youngest Zam of the new, but there was no excuse to not tell both Parkland and Ruffton of what had happen to her.


“We can’t keep this form them any longer we have to tell them. “ Parkland’s Grandmother told her uncle in a rather cold tone.  I’m tired of this being keep form them.


“I’m with, you” Her uncle’s agreed. But there’s a time and a place and right now it’s simple not the time.”


-“Yet when will it be the time? When I am dead and in my grave?”


“The kids have just getting settled in, and having a good time. Do you really want them have them worried and be over protective to the point where they are watching your every move?”


“No, but I can’t stand the fact of my babies not knowing.”


“That’s when Parkland had notice her Grandmother was a shot winded and from there the Carmen had help her grandmother sit down while her uncle had rush toward the sink to get a class of water. Parkland was tempted to help her grand but stayed in the shadow because she did not wanted her grandmother to know she was listening in on what she something call grown folks conversation. Never –less to see her grandmother in a weaken state had scare more so then what she had care to admit.


Once her uncle had give her the water and form there Carmen had whisper, “did you take your medicine?” while rubbing her hands on her grandmother’s back.


“I’m fine,” she said in a low tone, “just give me a minute.”


She keep her hear low while drinking her water but got back into poster once she had a moment to gather her sheath.  Uncle Jesus had sat down next to her and began to and clam matter as if she was a child.


“I had already plain to talk to them before they head back home. But in the mean time place do not mention anything until I had a chance to talk to them face to face.”


Parkland Grandmother glared at her uncle but simple nodded her head before taking a other sip of her water. As for Parkland, she had heard all she had needed to her and went back up stair heading toward her grandmother’s room.

By Jockerlee 77


Co Writer T-Kun U.W.III


2012-2014  Manic

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