Issued 60

Besides having to put up with a woman’s loud storing, Parkland Monkey along with her two brothers, Ruffton, and Zam had a much quite tarp to Miami. Once the plain had landed Parkland had made sure her brother as well as herself had all of their belonging before leaving the plain.


Once enter the entered the terminal they were quickly greeted by a middle size middle age woman with blue eye and dark brown dress with yellow trims and the silver hair clip she worn on the life side of the head. When  parkland saw the woman she smile, but then a look of concern had rose on her face when she also notice a luminal cane  he were holding in her right hand. Parkland also had notice that the woman seem to have to hard time stand on her own power. For the woman was leaning on the cane for support.


“Grandmaaaaaaa,” Zam shouted happily in Spanish as he drop all of his bags and run over toward the women who smile broadly at him.


There’s my angles,” Zam Grandmother said happily as she give se hung Zam with her free hand.


“God, Santo, you grown so big the last time I had seen you.”


“Hello grandma,” Ruffton said rather coldly while placing his bags on the floor before approaching his grandmother and then kissed her on the cheek.


“You have grown too, Rosie, almost as tall as your mother. I hope you brothers didn’t give you are hard time on airplane.


“Never,” Parkland said while approaching her grandmother and kisses her on the cheek. It’s great to see you again, Grandma. It’s been a long time.”


“Three Years if I last counted.”


“Three long years,” Ruffton said rather coldly. I was beginning to think did not want to see us anymore.”


Never think that, Santo, There is not a single day that goes by that I wish you were here with me. Sadly things had come up over the year prevented us for doing so,”


“What kinds of things, Grandma?”


She did not give an answer. But Parkland could tell right away that something had happen to her grandmother and that something is is the reason why she had not mad not one attempt put up her older brother in her arm, as well as needing a cane just so she can support herself.


That’s not important, she said in a rather playful ton while looking at her youngest grandson concern faces.


“There they are!” a man who was wearing a black cow white felt cowboy hat, balk roper style boot and, blue jeans, and Burma bull belt buckle and brown button down shirt. He had a bread which made him looks as if he was and country singer. Parkland smile at the man for it was none other than her uncle Jesus. Who in turn had give her a look which told her not to say anything until reach Beach Island, and until they got a change to settle down.


“So Mom must have talk to you before arriving in Miami,” Parkland thought to herself as she gives a hard look.


“Uncle Jesus! What on earth are you doing here? I thought was down in Austin.”


“Was” Uncle Jesus replied while holding Zam in his arm and kissing his nice on the cheek, “me and the family are here to give a little helping hand to Nana.


Nana smile while place her hand on Jesus’ left shoulder.


“A little too helping if you ask me,” she said.


So Uncle Jesus is there anything exciting we can do while suck here in Florida?  Ruffton asked.


“Plenty,” Jesus replied, although it’s nothing like the city, or Park Slope for that matter.


“I’ll bet,” Parkland said under her breath.

By Jockerlee 77

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