Issued 59


The storm had touch land twenty minutes early and had Benson arrive, he would had court right smack in the middle of it. He would had been suck on his roof or worse swept away by the flood water which over took the area in a matter of second. Lucky that did not happen and as Benson thought about further he might not had been he if it wasn’t for the man who stood in his way.  From there Riggs clip his hands and said out lode that he had seen the man in red.


Benson had no clue what his old neighbor was talking about. Yet Riggs explained how the man in red is somewhat of a guardian angel only show up when he wants people to stay clear of danger. He sometime protected the person land as well as rewards them for good deeds. Of course Benson did not believe what Riggs was telling him. Even if it does explain how a person had suddenly appeared form one place or another, Benson did not believe in ghost. Yet more and more people had told him he was blessed by the man in red.


-“Form what I was told the legion goes back a hundred years” Benson told the group. No one could expand how the legion came to be but what they did tell me is that he walks the streets of Beach Island looking for someone o something.


Both Mr. and Miss Mailbook give each other a hard look. For Benson has subscribe the same man they had met five years ago.


“Well I think that’s a wonderful story” a friend of the Mailbooks said while eating a piece of her crumb cake. “But you must remember it’s just that. Like you said there is no such thing as ghost.  And no one else had seen this strange man other than you.”


That when Mr. Mailbook squeezes his wife’s hand knowing she was right about person they encounter, and whispered softly so only she could hear, we’d seen him, while his wife rested her head on his chest.


These were some of the many stories of the mysterious man who still walks’ the ground of the entire Island. To those who do have not heard of the man in red, his present can be frightening. To the residents he is a guardian who if will bless you and protect you from harm. Over the years the stories of the man in red had become the way of life everyone who lives and works on or near the Island. Even local news papers and T.V station would often mention the Man In red legend when reporting the weather or informing the public of impending danger.


The neighborhood had decorated a special unofficial hodiday to the man in red when  the last Saturday of April the Beach Island community  throw red roses in the sea as well as well as saying their thinks for watching over them theses many years. Yet to this day the residents of Beach Island still had no idea as to who the man in red was, as well as to what happen to him which lead to him to walks the neighborhood grounds. One thing the community did agree on is when anyone  comes face, face to with this nameless personal the experiences can either frighten yet a blessing.


The Monskey’s children had found that out first hand for what was supposed to a vacation to get a way form it all craziness of Park Slope, end up becoming  adventure nether of them will ever forget.


By Jockerlee 77

Co Writer T-Kun U.W.III

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