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This was not the last time the Mailbooks had gotten a money order in the mail. For one year later just week before Christmas amount of five hundred dollars was given to them by some unknown. The same happen a year before and the year before that. All money orders came a week before Christmas. And all was written in the amount of five hundred dollars.  And they came year after, after year for five years before it finally stop.


Martha had always suspected that this was all due to the fact that they had given this because mysterious person five dollars before he lift, and was returning the favor five hundred times fold.  It may also explain why the money order had finally stopped on the 5th year, and nothing had came ever scents. Bill still have his doubt of course , and yet over the years he slowly began  to think that there had to be some truth  that the man they befriended may have been the reason why they have been getting money order throws pass five years. He still did not think the man was a ghost. He touches the man and despite his cold hands he knew you could touch a ghost without having your hand go right throw it. However all that had change on summer morning when he and his wife had lunch with some friend at a Outdoor’s Bed & breakfast  at central  part of Beach Island.


The food was great and the company was even greater for everyone in attendance had a wonderful time. And everyone was deep in conversation, reminiscing on the pass when suddenly young man name Benson had approach them. He had an expression of a man who had worked four day strait without sleep. When once he had sat down the group had ask him if he if everything was okay with him in which he respond  by saying he have been working with  volunteers who was clearing up the mess left by a storm which hit the Island a few weeks ago.


Doing the late 80’s the Island was hit with several storm within a four week spine and the last witch had come and gone and left hundreds of residents homeless. Everyone was affected by the storm. And everyone all over the Beach Island was chipping in to help out in any way possible. Even the Mailbook had chip by making pies and cakes to the storm victims’ as well as delivering some bottle water as blankets.  The hardest that was hit by the storm was light-chapel, a place locate at the other end of the Island. There horrible story coming out form that area. Stories of deaths, homelessness and uncertainly was being told time after time in.


It was sad, and yet there were some stories that were not mention by the media.  It is these wonderful stories that could be only disrupted as a miracle.  And on e of these stories, which Benson himself had encounter was the one that have the Mr. Mailbook change his mind about the mysterious man they had encounter years ago.


The man explains how his house was the only house in the entire area. Once he had notice his home was still there he was both thankful yet ashamed. Almost his neighbors’ entire homes were severely damage or completely destroyed. The whole neighborhood itself looked like a warzone. Yet his three family home was still there and undamaged by the storm. He could not understand how this could have happen. The neighborhood was right at the very heart of the storm and yet it was the only house that was still standing. Even his fellow neighbors were in awe and told him the man upstairs was looking out for when the storm pound the Island. Benson thought so too for he still could not believe his home was the only one that serviced the storm.


Benson did not, and had not allowed any of his family members return to the house. Instead he had his kids stay with his other relatives while he and his wife chip in the search and clear up affords which have been going on throughout the heavily hit area of the Island while chipping in they ran into an Riggs one of the oldest resident in Beach Island at the time had approach Benson and his wife and had asks him if he had meet anyone odd just prior to the storm.

Benson had mention to his friends how he was taken back at the question Riggs had asks him at first. But then with meaning to do so he remember a strange encounter he had had when he tried to return to the house to get some last minute things before the storm hit the Island. Taken an unused dirt road. He was half way toward the house when a strange man who was dress in a worn out button down red shirt and pants was standing dead center of the road as throw he was guarding it. The man had a blink facial expression which gives him a look of a man who was no longer alive. And form the distant he could have sworn he was seeing right throw him. When he finally approaches him and asks if he could step aside so he could make to his home before the storm hit. The man did not respond nor moved to the side. For he just staring at Benson showing no emotion while Benson just look at him and was starting to get a little angry that was he was refusing to move.


Benson told had ask him again more angrily now  that he needed to get reach his home before the storm dose and he needed to move of his way as well also telling him he needs to take cover. Again the men neither respond nor moved. He just stands unemotional to how angry Benson was getting. Losing his patent he tried to walk around him but he came close to him he found himself being lifted off the ground and then landed ten feet from where he once was. Benson did not know or how to explain what had just happen.  And as he rose to his feet he found that the man he had encounter was still standing at the same spot like a statue. At this point Benson Samwinggs had realize he was not dealing with a normal man.


Not wanting to have any trouble with this strange fellow Bensons decided to go off road. He would go deep into the woods before finally making resuming his path towards his home. However, just he come closer to where he needs to go he same him again, the mysterious man in red standing in just a few feet from where he was standing. This causes Benson hart to skip a beat. Who was this person, and how did he get her before he did?


Not wanting to go anywhere near this person he tried once again to go deeper in the woods; heading off course before heading to war his house. But every time he tried he keep bumping in to the mysterious man again and again, and for the first time in a long time Bensons was afraid that this person wanted to do get harm to him.


Benson continued to go deeper and deeper in to the woods until he was no longer in the woods, but standing on the side of a two way street, with cars zooming pass him  in  both direction.  Benson had gone so far off course, so deep in to the wood that it eventually left the wood. Benson was livid and yet he did not make any attempt to make his way back to his home for he knew by the time he reach his home the storm  would landed and he himself would be court in the middle of  it. Coursing under his tongue he’d before to walk back to his relatives’ home not realizing just yet how lucky Benson was that he did not make his way back to home.


By Jockerlee 77

Co Writer T-Kun U.W.III

2012-2014 Manic

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