Issued 55


Both Mr. and Miss Mailbook give each other an odd look. Both knew the man had just walked off their pooch and both knew that he should still be in his view of their window no matter which direction he was heading. Yet when Mr. Mailbook went outside and was standing in the middle of the road he could find no sign of the man; not on the road or n the sidewalk.


Either Miss or Mr. Mailbook mentions anything about the anything about their encounter with the mysterious man they had met and disappeared walking down the road. Most of their follow neighbors was still asleep when at the time and the Mailbook does not force their company on people so staying silent about what had happen had came easy for them especially seen all their kids are not now grown, with nothing but themselves to keep company. Yet the encounter with the man in red did not leave there mine in fact. Both Miss and Mr. Mailbook had started to wonder if that person, whoever he may be, wanted them to notice him walking down the road.


Five months after the encounter, and two day before Christmas Eve. The strangest thing had started to happen. When the Mailbook was going over their bill which had building up with each passing mouth, is when they came across a small white envelope which their name but no return address. It was an old looking envelope with a hand writing what was small but not small enough there the Mailbook could not make out what it said.


“What it is, Bill?”  Martha had asked her husband as she sat down opposite to on neat the kitchen table holding a coffee mug with both hand.


“This latter,” Bill replied while handing his wife the latter. “it does not had a name or a return address.”


“Martha had stared had at the envelope before look back at her husband who was waiting to hear her say on the matter.


“Well maybe the person who since us this latter was such a rush that they have forgotten to put their name it. Jonny dose it sometime when he has a lot on his mine.


“I don’t know, Martha, there something about this letter that brother me right down to the hand writing.


“Will it’s deafeningly small and was written with steady hands.


“Do you think we should open it or sine it back?’


Martha look at her husband who was half hoping she would say yes and return the latter without even opining it.


Well at less we should open the latter. It might explain who this person is and what is it he want


Mr. Mailbook give out a sight before taken the latter form his wife’s hand and then taking a latter opener which was laying the table In front on him. Upon opining it he found small latter inside.  Which the words


Merry Christmas form a dear friend, written in a Waterman fountain pen.  Mr. Mailbook hums in curiosity that was until his wife had notice something that fell out of the envelope. Bill picks it up and was shock to what it was that was inside the latter.


By Jockerlee 77


Co Writer T-Kun U.W.III



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