Issued 50


  “Linda!” The oldest girls to her young friend while pushing her to her right show so incase the mysterious strangers did try to attack them the youngest one will have a changes to get away into the street.


“I know, I see him the youngest girl whispered back as both the girls and the man was walking closer towards each other.


The girls have not said a word. And yet the look of fear could be seen in there as the continued to walk toward the man who to them looks as throw his feet was barely touching the boardwalk paddles. Yet without saying a word, the girls continued to walk down the boardwalk while keeping a careful eye on not only at the frightening person that approaching them but the nearest exits that was closest to them.


As the both moved closer to each other the youngest one could her the cold pale face and the man as well as he lifeless brown eyes as it stair upon not at the girls, but only he and he alone could see in which on other human alive can’t. Never- the- less this mad the oldest girl to hold her young friend tightly on her shoulders as both and the man was about to come face to face.


Without saying a word both the man and the girls had face each other and then walk pass each other without at as much as the man uttering a world toward them.  Despite the cold chills which quickly pass them, both girl let a sigh of relief at the fact that the scary man had pass then. However the oldest girl had looked over her shoulder just to make sure that he had indeed keep on walking and was not following them. yet once she did both she and her young friend had  step walking  for the oldest one had yelled, “He’s gone!  As both she and her young friend had turn around completely only to see that indeed the man who had walk pass them had disappeared.


“Were did he go?”


By Jockerlee


Co Writer  T-Kun U.W III


2012-2014  Manic

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