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To this day the people of Beach Island still call him the man in red. The reason for this is simple no one knows who he was, were he came from, or why he is only seen on the boardwalk, in the oldest part of the neighborhood.  To some the site of his present is can be fighting, while other are just concern for the man well being. But no matter how you view the man in red everyone who is living or working in the Island well tell you that if you do sight eyes on this mysterious person. You were ether given special gift by this person or a warring that you need to take cover as fast as you can. Either way the encounter is indeed a blessing in disguise.


One of these encounter happen on a windy 1983 weekend when to girls ages five and seven was walking together on the almost empty boardwalk with only a few venders as well as a few people that was line up near the carnival enters for there was heading toward one a penny arcade were some of their friends was waiting for them. Being they did ant to cross the street they both desired to take the board walk in other to get to their friends faster?


Both girls was in deep conversation, and both girls was holding each other arm for the wind had gotten so strong it cause them to lost the balances  as the wind push then to the side. Both girls however laugh every time it would happy as the continued the way down the board walk.


All was well when suddenly the oldest child had notes a finger walking slowly toward them. Form the distant she could not see his face but could tell that the person was wearing what appears to be a dull red button down shirt, with an even darker red path and a currier bag. He had on a filth hat which looks like it was bury in the mud and man had unearth it and places on his head. Either way his looks as well as how the man walks mad both girls vary unconformable.


By Jockerlee 77


Co Writer T-Kun  U.W III

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