As Kevin said in his review of Rocko’s Modern Life, it’s one of his all time favorite Nicktoons that gets overlooked due to many people calling it a Ren and Stimpy clone. This show has pushed the boundaries of mixing in adult humor and sexual innuendos in a kids’ show that still works and is still enjoyable to watch 20 years later. But which ones were the best? Well, time for another Top 10 list of our favorite episodes of Rocko’s Modern Life. Let’s start with Kevin’s favorite episodes.




In this episode, Heffer wishes to be in a game show so bad that he would do anything to be in it. Without knowing, he sells his soul to Peaches, one of the minions of the Devil. It’s so hysterical seeing Heffer getting the answers to the simplest questions wrong and driving Peaches insane.



9. The Lounge Singer


In this episode, Filburt wishes to be a famous lounge singer, but is completely nervous performing on stage. He sees his singing idol Buddy Gecko on TV selling self-esteem tapes and uses them to boost his confidence. When he finally performs with Buddy, things started to get even more nerve racking. This is the episode where we first hear the now iconic song “Come Crawl With Me”.An interesting fact about this is that Tom Kenny is Filburt’s singing voice as oppose to Mr. Lawrence who actually voices the character.



8. Schnit-Heads


In this episode, Heffer joins a cult that eats nothing but sausage for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. At first, he loves it, but as time goes on, he gets a little tired of sausage. Now Rocko and Filburt have to get him out of the cult or else he’ll be stuck there forever.




In this episode, Rocko and Heffer think that Filburt is an alien after reading his diary. It talked about the High Five of Doom in which every time Filburt high fives someone, they disintegrate. Rocko and Heffer try their very best to get Filburt to admit his true identity.



6. Leapfrogs


In this episode, Mrs. Bighead feels unappreciated by Mr. Bighead of not getting enough attention and love. She decides to use Rocko by hiring him for odd jobs and trying to get Mr. Bighead jealous. This episode also shows that breaking plates with your tongue is sexy. It was shown only once on TV and was banned because of the message it was delivering. It’s so funny and awesome!



5. Wacky Delly


In this episode, Ralph Bighead, the Bigheads’ son, has finally released the last episode of his hit cartoon The Fatheads. Wishing to retire and make a huge art collage, he found out that he has to make a pilot for a new cartoon. Not wishing to, he hires Rocko, Filburt, and Heffer to make the pilot to get him out of his contract. They make the unusual and obscure show Wacky Delly and it becomes a huge hit. Ralph tries his very best to get the show cancelled, but in every attempt, the show becomes more popular. It’s so funny the way it represents cartoons that they use to show at the time. Check it out.



4. Boob Tubed


In this episode, Rocko accidently buys a huge screen TV and invites Heffer and Filburt to watch it. Heffer watches so much TV that his brain was taking by the TV reducing him to a dumb steer. Rocko and Filburt enters into the television world to retrieve Heffer’s brain before it’s too late.



3. Love Spanked


In this episode, Rocko finds out that his longtime crush, Melba Toast, has a boyfriend. Heffer advises him to try dating other girls in other ways. From newspaper articles to blind dates to entering a dating game show, each date turns out to be a disaster and hilarious. Especially when he ends up dating Heffer in the dating game show.



2. Fortune Cookie


In this episode, Filburt gets an unlucky fortune from his fortune cookie and bad luck suddenly happens to him. The worst part about it is is that he’s suppose to be in a game show the next day. Rocko and Heffer try their best to get Filburt’s luck back, but it won’t be easy when your fortune says this:




The original pilot of Rocko’s Modern Life is my absolute favorite because of one character: Earl the Dog. This dog, who came out of a testing lab, is wild, crazy, and insane. In a time in which the garbage men are finally out of strike, Rocko needs to take out his trash before it’s too late. It also has the infamous line “Garbage day is a very dangerous day.” This episode is hilarious and made way for making his short a TV show.



That’s my Top 10 episodes. Now, here’s Patricia’s.


10. Who’s For Dinner?


In this episode, Heffer invites Rocko over to his parent’s house for dinner. What Rocko doesn’t realize is that Heffer’s family are wolves. When Rocko brings up the discussion that he had no idea that Heffer was adopted, Heffer didn’t know he was despite being a steer. Heffer runs away and tries to find his real family, but then learns that his real family are the people who love him. This is also one of creator Joe Murray’s favorite episodes because it shows who Heffer really is. I love it too.



9. Skid Marks


In this episode, Rocko’s gas cap gets stolen and has to go to the DMV to file for it. What ends up happening is the DMV of hell. Waiting in a long, long line, trying to avoid “the fat guy”, being in a driving class with a cat Nazi, and crashing into a deer is always fun to watch. This was one of my favorite episodes as a kid and it still holds up.



8. Camera Shy


In this episode, Rocko wishes to send a movie to his parents in Australia to show them he’s doing fine in O-Town. But when you put Heffer and Filburt in the mix, the simple home movie turns into an avant-garde underground hit among the citizens of O-Town.



7. Dear John


In this episode, Rocko’s kitchen gets destroyed by a satellite dish and only has two days to repair it for a house party he’s having. He hires a TV repair guy to help fix his kitchen, but it doesn’t turns out what he wanted. My favorite part in this episode is when the state license contractor comes and looks at the destroyed kitchen. It’s so stupidly funny that you can’t help but laugh.




In this episode, Rocko accidently ruins the cement handprinting of Really Really Big Man and plants his butt in instead. A woman agent finds Rocko’s tush to be perfect to be a male model for her line of underwear product called Wedgie Boy.



5. Pranksters


Rocko’s Modern Life has had a few holiday specials for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween, but my favorite is their April Fool’s Day special. Heffer constantly pulls off pranks to Rocko and Filburt that they get a little sick of his jokes. When Rocko finds out that his grandmother is coming over from Australia, Heffer picks her up and finds out that she’s not very nice. The ending to this is so unexpected and funny!



4. Zanzibar


This episode really took a message such as taking care of the environment and made it into a musical. It really works! It’s informative, it’s catchy, it’s funny, and it’s memorable. Truly one of the best episodes of Rocko’s Modern Life ever and one of the few environmental animated skits that has held up very well and does not present itself as preachy or cheesy.



3. I Have No Son/Wacky Delly


I put in both of these episodes because they’re one of the few episodes that connect with the whole show. It introduces us to Ralph Bighead, the son of Ed and Bev Bighead, a cartoonist who created a show based on his parents The Fatheads. With “I Have No Son”, we learn about the relationship between Ralph and his parents. With “Wacky Delly”, we see more of Ralph’s crazy, psychotic personality. It’s interesting to note that the voice of Ralph is creator Joe Murray himself.




In this episode, another of the few connected moments of the whole show is brought up fully in this two parter: the wedding of Filburt and Dr. Hutchinson. Each moment is so hilarious and at the same time could happen in a real wedding situation. There’s the crazy mother-in-law, a possibility of an old flame, family arguements, the batchelor party, etc. Anything that goes insane does happen in this episode.



1. Love Spanked


Oh yeah! Although Kevin has this on his list too, I watch this episode more times than any other. It’s so hilarious seeing Rocko with all those dates and all the situations of them, it never gets old. It also has one of my favorite quotes ever, “Why don’t we trade math equations, baby?” Everything is so funny from beginning to end! That’s why this is my #1 favorite episode!



What are your favorite episodes of Rocko’s Modern Life? Post it in the comments and let us know. Hope we see you around Old School Lane soon.


-Patricia and Kevin

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