Issued 56


“What is Bill,” His wife ask him


“Its money order,” Bill said in shock, “someone had seen us a money order for five hundred dollars”

“What!” Miss Mailbook said as she rose from her chair and walked over toward Bill’s right side; putting her hands on his shoulder.


The Mailbook could not believe it. Someone had seen them a five hundred dollars money order; But who? The sender never gives them he or her name and there was no return address, pulse there was the question as to why?


“This has to be a trick,” Bill said to his wife, “a cure prank of by someone who loves to get their kicks at people like us who are just getting by.”


“I don’t Know, Bill, did the letter mention anything about the money order?”


“Nothing,” Bill said while handing his wife the letter.


Miss Mailbook glades at the latter before looking at the money order an than at her husband who facial expression was hard to read.


“Well we want know for sure unless we cash it in.”


“Are you serious, Martha? I just told this is nothing more than a trick; a scam to con us out of what little money we have.


“Yet who ever had sent us the money order did not ask for anything in return.” Miss Mailbook had pointed out, “Beside what are we really losing other then the fact that the money order is a fake. That much we can fine out with any lost to use. And if the money order is real, well it can go a long way in helping use get something done around the house. Not the mention easing the burden of some of the bill which had been taken much of this table.”


“Well the money could help us give some extra gifts for the little ones for Christmas,” Bill said while looking hard at the money order he was holding in his hand, “I’ll have Jackron take a look at it. he could tell just be looking at it if it  fake or not.” He said this while his wife rubs her lift hand on his left shoulder.


The following morning Bill had made his way toward North Shore  to have a quick word with Jackron before  doing any earring and before business pick. Being that the bank was just opening he did not have to wait long to Jackson who eminently greeted him and ask him if his wife was fine.


“Martha is fine,” said Bill, “Off to Miami to help out my son with the little ones.

“I see,” Jackron said happily, “is there anything I could do for you?”


Well—Jack this may sound crazy but we had gotten this in the mail and me and my wife were wondering if you may have a look at it.” Bill said this while handing Jackron the money order.


“Jackron only glad’s at the money order for about four second before looking back at Bill.


“Okay so do you want to cash it in or put in your saving?’’


“Bill blinked once not believing what he was hearing.” You mean it not a fake? It’s a real money order?”


“As real as it could be” said Jackron replied. Is that what you wanted ask me? You weren’t sure the money order was real?


“Well the person who scene us the money never left a name, nor even a return address.”


“Well I can tell you that what you have is the real thing,” said Jackron.


“But who,” Bill said in a low tone,” who in the hell sent it?”


“Maybe the kids had sent it.”


“No—no Mark and Kelly wouldn’t have done that. And even if they did, me and my wife could easy tell who send it by their handwriting.”


“Well the money is real. That much I can tell you. Do you want to put it in your saving?”


“No I cash it in. it could come in handy for the holiday.”  Said Bill still not believing the money order which was send to him is real and not a scam of a trick of some kind.


By Jockerlee 77


Co Writer T-Kun U.M.II


2012-2014 Manic

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